Property Management

Dear Property Manager,

I would just like to inform you that I think you completely suck. Your customer service is lousy, your follow through non-existent, your compassion not worth mentioning and your dedication to the smaller parts of, I don’t know, YOUR JOB are pathetic.

I’m sure if your office was over 30 degrees (or more that 86 degrees if you’re from one of those other countries) on an ongoing basis, you’d do something about it. Well guess what, our office was that hot for several days in a row and I was trying to do something about it. I emailed. I called. I emailed to follow up on my call and then I called again. I asked you to call me back. I even let you know that we had an employee who was heavily pregnant and was not handling the heat. I let you know that we needed to know what the hell was going on. In nicer language (which may have been my mistake). What did you do? Eventually emailed me that a technician had been called and I should let you know if he didn’t show.

That’s great. So you couldn’t be bothered granting my request to call me back. That was too much like hard work. You couldn’t give me much information as to when I might expect to see the technician either. You gave me a vague window of when he might be around and when he inevitably wasn’t and I tried to let you know, did I hear any response from you? Of course not. We were without air-conditioning for 7 DAYS! That is absolutely ridiculous from a professional company. If your usual technicians were too booked up you should have hauled ass to find anyone available who could fix the problem in an efficient time frame. But then again, that would mean you actually had to care. Which you don’t because you suck.

Our air-conditioning unit has experienced problem after problem for months and every time we’d struggle to get a resolution out of your company. Now we actually thought your customer service was laughable before we decided to move out of the building because the accommodation was not worth the price we were paying. After we were no longer considered a client that you might want to appease however, hooly-dooly did your attitude change. Your attention to our issues went from shithouse to non-existent!

I hope one day you get to experience the discomfort that we had to endure because of your craptastic professionalism and I hope some bastard laughs in your face and tells you to suck it up when you complain because that’s pretty much what we figure you did to us.

Where absolutely no love is given or lost,

Your Former Tenants.

* Photo is of the office view out over the balcony so would think that it is a great office but you would be wrong.