About those letters…

Eons ago when I was “young, single, stupid and alcoholic” (which was probably more young, single, a little neurotic at times and enjoyed a drink on occasion), I used to write a blog called Single In Sydney. I wrote about all the things I did to meet guys like Lock & Key parties and Speed Dating etc. When I ran out of interesting ways of making myself sound desperate, I wrote about being single in general and the dating scene as I saw it. Which in hindsight may still have made me sound a little desperate.

That all stopped when I met The One. I didn’t know he was The One at the time and he would tell you that I fought recognising that he was The One for a long time, but somehow I never felt right blogging about dating when we were dating. So I took a hiatus. Or got lazy. Whatever. I changed the blog to Down The Aisle however when we got engaged because all of a sudden I had a lot to write about. Bridal attendants calling me fat…milliners insinuating my fiancee was gay (or perhaps that was wishing he was?)…Then of course I got married so I wasn’t engaged anymore which kind of killed that blog off too.

The next endeavour was The Honeymoon Is Over. This was at a site I called Letters To My Dear Husband (because The Honeymoon Is Over was already taken) and consisted wholly of letters I wrote to The One. Which he knows about by the way and he has never exercised his veto rights on my posting them so I think that is cool. Anyway, the letters started off as a monthly update, a quasi homage to Dooce who used to write to her eldest child, Leta, but then I wrote about individual situations and the posts got more frequent.

Then The One and I got a puppy (or a small horse, whichever way you choose to look at him – he is a Great Dane and he’s definitely not little) and I became pregnant with our first child. It was around this time that I realised I might actually like to write to other “people”, not just my husband so I needed a place that it would make sense for everything to go and, well, She Writes Letters seemed as good a place as any.


ps. top photo was taken by Ben Andrews and the bottom photo by David Oliver.


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