Day 480

Dear Elliot,

I know it has been far too long since I wrote to you. I have been slack and that is lame and you could well argue that you are coming off a little second best in the letter writing department (or maybe that was third best…?) but that totally doesn’t mean that I love you any less. You know that, right? Your sister would argue that you are actually getting the lion’s share of attention but then you are somewhat demanding. Like when you want food.


You are very food oriented my child. This is an incessant desire with you. First thing in the morning, all through the day and anytime you are awake really, we will get the sign for food. When you are thirsty, we get the sign for bottle and the word as close as you can utter it but for whenever you want to eat, we just get the sign. Or, you know, you climb into your high chair and yell at us as if to say how can you people be so slow? Hello, your child is hungry here. Practically wasting away to nothingness. Rapidly falling into a decline that is entirely to do with a lack of sustenance! So you eat regularly. And whenever anyone else eats, that is fair game and undoubtedly meant for you too. Your dad sat down to have a snack the other day and as he did so, said three, two, one…baby. And over you went with your mouth open like a little bird expecting to be fed. You are such a mooch! But you are a cute mooch.

You have reached the age of being able to hug back. It’s not just the tired drape and snuggle as you mold yourself to my upper torso as though you intend to meld into me and have no intention of ever being parted from your mother again. It’s also not the brace of an arm around my neck that ensures you would be able to account for any sudden movement of mine whilst carrying you. No, you now will fully wrap your little arms right around my neck, smoosh your cheek up next to mine and squeeze. It’s one of the best feelings ever. Which is almost directly in contrast to your reaction when you are suddenly distressed.


I am getting to the point where this reaction of yours doesn’t totally freak me out but neither is it at all pleasant. Whenever you feel totally abandoned, like when I have the audacity to go to the toilet and shut the door with you on the outside as happened the other day, you get yourself so worked up that you stop breathing. You start crying and as you sob, you keep expelling breaths until you run out of air and just sit there going blue in the face for a number of seconds. Even if the source of your distress is removed, it still takes you time to remember how to start breathing again. You have not yet gotten to the point that you have actually passed out and rendered yourself unconscious and neither is it an extremely regular occurrence but it has happened a handful of times and it would kind of be nice if you stopped.

It would be nice if you stopped headbutting the floor in frustration too as I am occasionally concerned that you will give yourself a concussion one of these days. Whilst your sense of self-preservation seems to be evident in your considered climbing and the way you generally do not hurl yourself out of my arms as I have seen some children do to their parents on a regular basis, you do not seem all that concerned with the discomfort that results from thumping your head into the floor because you are unhappy. I am still not sure whether it is best to intervene with this type of behaviour and make a big deal out of it or laugh it off and hope you grow out of it or finally knock some sense into yourself…please grow out of it.


You are growing into so many other things at the moment. Including more clothes. For once I have stated to transition you into the next size and range of wardrobe options rather than hanging on to favourites just in case I don’t get to see them again. We also need to transition to new entertainment though. Gone are the baby toys that are designed to be hung or attached. They actually lost all appeal a while ago. Now you are far more excited by toys that have “bits”. The Little People garage with its people and cars, the shape sorter bucket and stacking ring and also Noah’s Ark. You are also a bit of a fan of Barbie, Ken and the Barbie Cadillac but usually only when your sister is also playing with them as you don’t seem to specifically seek them out.


What is great to see though is that you also love books. You have taken ownership of the board books in the house and regularly bring one up and dump it on my lap to say read to me, Mummy. You can say “book” and you can also say parts of your favourite book, “Moo, Baa, La La La”. Its very charming. Occasionally as I sit with you on my lap and read this book, you will read along with me. You know that a “Cow” says “Moo” and that the three singing pigs say “La La La”. You are so pleased with yourself when you get to say that. You know that the big dogs go “Bow Wow Wow” which comes out a little more “Ba Ba Ba” and you tell me that the duck says “quack”. You actually had that one before though as we have a real duck.

I seem to recall that your sister’s first word was “No” which she said with both regularity and alacrity. You on the other hand, don’t seem to comprehend this word. It’s not in your vocabulary. Your first word was “chicken”. You love chickens. And animals. You love our chickens in the backyard. So much so that you will wander off towards the run every chance you get and when we take you away from visiting with them (or the alpaca, sheep and goat), you often burst into tears. You love eating chicken too. With you father’s crazy diet, one of the easy things for him to consume is the roast chickens from the shops and every time we strip one of these for the flesh, there you are on your kitchen stool demanding more and more and more.

I’m sure there are other things I could tell you but whilst there are things that I notice here and there, you have not passed any particular milestones of late. Although you did cut all of your baby teeth. Apparently you were not content to just sit and acclimatise to your new molars for a while. At 14 months you had to get started on your canines too. The ones that generally don’t make an appearance until 18 months! Are you just impatient? I swear, between you and your sister at the moment…you are getting all your baby teeth in and at four years old, she is beginning to lose hers!


As for the rest of the physical developments, you are walking with more and more ability and purpose but still stepping rather than striding. The opposite arm and leg movement is not quite there yet. You can be quick when you want to be but you have not yet figured out how to belt across the room at a dead run. You have your nights of sleeping well, waking only once or twice but more often than not, wake multiple times. You have also been sick a couple of times.

Most recently, we have had a suspected case of hand, foot and mouth, the sum total of which’s symptoms seems to have been a single blister on your hand. In retrospect, you also had what we suppose could have been a blister on your head, your neck and your cheek but there was no fever, you weren’t really out of sorts and there was nothing evident on your feet or in your mouth at all. So if you did get off that lightly, you are lucky. You have also had a persistent and ongoing cough for weeks. One that has been quite severe at night and occasionally present in the day. I hasn’t responded to Ventolin specifically so we don’t think it’s asthma but you just can’t seem to fully shake it. When your sister first went into child care though, she had a cough for a good six months so you could always be getting exposed through her now. We are very thankful that you don’t have her gag reflex whilst coughing though or I would be changing your sheets WAY more often. Then there was also the time that you want to hospital.

You had been coughing and were obviously sick. You were also breathing faster and shallower than normal. I didn’t think you were struggling to breathe though and you seemed to sleep reasonably peacefully when you did go down. When the doctor saw you though, they recommended that you get checked out at the hospital. As it was, they checked you out and you did not end up requiring any intervention per se but you did end up going to the hospital.


Apart from that, you are still my beautiful little boy with the smile that can light up a room.

Adore you to bits and much love,