Day 237

Dear Elliot,

You have the cutest little pout. Your chin juts forward and your bottom lip comes out and its almost as if you are expressing your intention to become stubborn on purpose. As if to say Mummy, you are not doing exactly what I want you to do so if you don’t have a serious think about that and start behaving appropriately, I am going to have to take matters into my own hands. Or perhaps, ha ha, I’m a baby and you can’t make me do anything.

Occasionally, it seems just like that. I’m pretty sure what it actually is, is that you have an overbite and some new teeth and you have just figured out that if you push your bottom jaw forwards, you can touch your teeth together. It took me a little while to figure it out but there is a subtle clicking sound when you pout so I figure it all feels pretty cool and new.


So yeah, teeth. You now have five of them. After weeks and weeks of nothing, we finally got the top two teeth in and then in short order, we got one of the side ones on the bottom. Which means you are now a little lopsided. Still very cute though. And less cranky. Although, much like your sister, you are not too distressed by the advent of new teeth. At least when you have something in your mouth. As now that I think about it, one of your play things has a fabric arc on the side and I will often look over to see you just sitting there with it in your mouth.

And speaking of things in your mouth, you love food. You still favour what we eat though, instead of baby food pouches which are unfortunately way more convenient at times. You get a bit cranky when you are hungry – hangry perhaps? But you are funny when you eat. Unlike your sister who had a baby highchair, you get the bumbo with a tray which I think is awesome because we can sit you on top of the bench when we are all seated and you are the same height as us. Without a large chair structure behind you though, you stick your arms and legs straight out and have the wrists and ankles going overtime when you eat as you twirl your extremities about. This goes along with a bit of huffing and puffing between mouthfuls as though you are trying to fill in time because we are going slower than shovelling food into your mouth at a race pace.

It is clear that at present, you also favour your father in terms of palate and appetite but you would prefer to attack your food as though it might disappear at a moment’s notice which is apparently how your father thinks that I eat. You just keep putting it away until it seems as if you have just consumed your weight in food and then you simply stop opening your mouth. You don’t turn your head away so I usually give it a couple of tries to see if you’re not hungry or you are just finishing a mouthful. That is if you are not starting to hide behind your bib which is usually the other sign that you’re done. Well, that and the mmm…mmm…mmm sound.


It seems that you are starting to try and talk to us as opposed to just crying at us. When you are otherwise not showing any sort of distress as an I’m bored or I’m hungry or I’m tired, you have started to vocalise repeatedly with eh…eh…eh. You can be very loud and insistent if we don’t suitably respond to your overtures. I’m not quite sure if there is a standard sort of response that is required or if you are having completely different conversations with me over time that is all just Greek to me, but we are getting by. I’d say your sister could potentially pick up on some things faster than we do but then you don’t chat so much with her yet. It’s a little more hero worship on your part at the moment.

You clearly adore your sister. You look at her all the time and you think that she is pretty hilarious. Personally I think she makes some pretty loud, annoying and aggressive sounds towards you but clearly you both know that there is no intent there other than to make you laugh which you frequently do. You will not have a bar of her if you were in the middle of being cuddled thank you very much and I have had the audacity to put you down and walk away but when you are otherwise just chillin’ then your sister’s crazy antics amuse you no end.


Another thing that has just started to amuse you is the ability for some toys to make music. We have recently introduced you to some noisy toys that talk and play tunes. Whilst you are still a little unsure of how to make them go on purpose, you will stare at them and pick them up to examine them and when they start to make a sound, you will bop up and down with a big smile on your face like you’re having a little party for one. You have long been able to hit the music buttons on your exersaucer thing but it is only now that you actually seem to be dancing in response to the music. If you like movement and dance as much as your sister then you will be in for some great dance parties when you are a little older. I promise.

Much love,


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