Day 203

Dear Elliot,

Where do you put the food little man? I mean really? It was only a couple of days ago that you were hardly eating anything solid or being slightly subsidised by broth…


Food with you is definitely an adventure. None of this introduction of one taste at a time crap. Boring!! No bland fare is to be passed by your lips either, no siree. Forget those baby food mixes from the supermarket! You expect to be fed with whatever we are eating and damn it, you expect to be fed well. As I have mentioned before, you have not been partial to the introduction of either pear or banana on their own. That was apparently an insult to your tastebuds. I mean how patronising can parents get?!? But Bepi’s beef casserole? Well that was acceptable. And Grandad’s chicken lentil stew? That was also sufficient. Simply put, complex tastes are the go.


Since we got home, we have been trying to feed you at least part of what we have been eating for our main meal. On several occasions this has meant syringing the liquid parts of our meals into your mouth (thus the broth) but you have been quite obvious that you expect to be included from now on. You are more than ready apparently, its just the parents who have been a bit slow on the uptake and are still catching up.


To be fair, we have discovered that some raw foods are ok. Genevieve would never have had a bar of this but if we give you actual carrot sticks to munch on, you are as happy as a clam. For a while. And just today you amused yourself with actual slices of apple but it seems that any preparation beyond slicing and into cooking requires the addition of a number of other ingredients. Like guacamole.


And holy guacamole, you can eat that stuff till the cows come home. You went to playgroup the other morning and apparently ate a pancake. Then your dad made guacamole as part of lunch and just thought why not give you a bit of a taste? You had a lot of a taste. Then, not thinking you would be that hungry, we gave you some more guacamole mixed with banana for dinner. You finished that and started looking for the next course. We then tried to give you the rest of the mashed potato we had tried on a previous night. The rest of the mashed potato that contained no milk and no butter. No seasoning at all. Bad move apparently. The look on your face said it all.


There you were, sitting there, all innocent and trusting. We were feeding you and you were enjoying the fulfilling tastes when suddenly we callously ripped the carpet out from underneath you. It was dinner after dessert. It was just plain wrong. Sorry about that little dude. We may be slow to catch up but we’ll get there.

Much love,


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