Day 185

Dear Elliot,

Oh My Goodness. You can actually sleep through the night! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it but you totally did between 11 and 12 hours straight. I must admit, I even checked on you at one point to make sure you were still alive. There you were though, sleeping peacefully. I wish I knew what it was that made it so though. In this strange bed (portacot) on a different mattress (foam) in someone else’s house (Bepi’s), in a new location (up the coast) when every semblance of a routine that you would previously have known has been shot to pieces (we are on holiday), you sleep through the night. Figures.


And, I was mildly perturbed by the fact that in terms of offering me a break, you already seem to be in cahoots with your sister. I wasn’t actually able to enjoy your sessions of extended slumber as on the marathon sleep night and the neighbouring few where your shortest stretch of comatoseness was 6 hours, Genevieve suffered some extremely broken nights of sleep. So I was still up and down. Several times. It does offer me hope for the future though. Even if it is distant. Because when I say the future, I do mean weeks and perhaps months away from where we are now.


Despite the fact that you so beautifully and swiftly graduated to a full night’s sleep, I am definitely not naïve enough to either assume that this will continue for the rest of the holiday or indeed return once we are at home. Some would probably say that you should believe in something to make it happen but I don’t think I have a defeatist attitude. I think I’m realistic. I’ll take it when I get it and be grateful and you will get there on a regular basis in your own time….and, you know, since I never got to take advantage in the first place, I never really had it so theres not much to miss.


Any time you feel like doing 12 hours again though, try and pick a night where you sister is also out for the count for the whole night. That would be awesome.

Much love,


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