Day 170

Dear Elliot,

Or perhaps I should say Boo. Not as in Peek-a-boo. Or like surprise but merely hey there my little Boo Bear. You are now to be known and recognised as Boo.

Genevieve got known as Genibean from very early on as an alternative to her Christian name and she also has the (mis)fortune to additionally answer to Missy Moo, Crazy Pants and Chicken Noodle. You have at times been referred to as Chicken Pants (like that’s an actual thing?*) or as your father seems to favour at times, Mr Magoo. Your sister frequently repeats this as Mr Gagoo and won’t hear any correction but neither are names I ever use for you. I seem to have settled on Boo.

As names go, I don’t think its that bad. There are definitely worse ones. Your Aunt Ishy was known as Fruitbat for years so you shouldn’t complain. And who knows, it might not stick beyond your toddler years which I’m sure aren’t far away. On the other hand, it just may be like your shadow from now on. But no matter how big you get, I think there will always be a part of you that is my little Boo. Just saying.


And I also want to say sorry about the Play School concert. In hindsight, we really should have brought the noise reduction headphones for you because you completely freaked out with the sheer volume of noise and rambunctious children. I am sure that you will enjoy that sort of thing one day but on this particular occasion, you found that somewhat distressing. We will do better next time. Promise.

Much love,


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