Day 156

Dear Elliot,

There are so many times throughout the week when something you do will strike me just so or when I have the thought now this is different. Times when I want to say…


Dude. Don’t bite. Your teeth hurt! You have two teeth now. You got them a little later than your sister but now you have two bottom teeth right at the front. I’m sure that the advent each tooth makes your mouth a little sore as before they arrived, you would clamp down more often than not when you were feeding. It wasn’t just the closed jaw though. Your mouth also felt…abrasive. It feels that way again now but I have not yet seen a new tooth through yet. I could really do without the biting though. That would be nice.


I love watching you reach for things and try to figure them out. You no longer bat your hands around randomly as if in reaction to a spasm. Now you can reach specifically for what you can see in front of you. And put it straight in your mouth. My fingers. Your toys. The tassels on my hoodie. You love those. Your fingers are strong and when they latch on, they don’t want to let go. You use them to explore the world around you. Including your toes. You find touching them fascinating as well. You can see them and you can feel them at the same time as you grab hold. Its cool huh? Theres only so much give though because as flexible as you are as a baby, you are not a contortionist.


People often ask me how I am sleeping with a young baby and usually, that is pretty well. You frequently sleep for between 3 and 5 hours at night. You feed without fuss and then go straight back to sleep again. What has changed over the past couple of days though is going down for that first stretch. I could usually gauge when you were that mix of tired and hungry that I could feed you just asleep but now its like the milk can only get you 90% of the way there. Oh, you droop your eyelids and start to relax but as soon as I pull you off my lap? Game over. You are awake. I then pace and pat and sing and sway. Get you to that stage where you constantly aaahhhhhh so you finally succumb to slumber.

We have tried to give you food a couple of times recently. Real food. Not that you seem at all impressed by this. From the look on your face, you’d think we were trying to poison you. Or at least trick you into something bad. You seem incredibly intrigued when we are eating. You follow the path of food to mouth frequently and watch in wonder as meals are consumed but when it comes to trying it out yourself, you are decidedly not a fan. Not of apple or pear or banana or anything else we have given to you. If you are not ready yet though, that is fine. In another month or so we might have another battle on our hands but for now, you win.


One thing that hasn’t changed is your beautiful cheeky smile. The one you give us when you should be going back to sleep but have no intention of doing so. Your lopsided grin when your dad is making faces and it amuses you, your toothy grin when Genevieve is singing and dancing in front of you and it makes you happy. Your surprised giggle when your merriment is too much to still keep inside is also one of my favourite things. You are going to be a heartbreaker when you grow up. You and your dimples.

Much love,


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