Day 126

Dear Elliot,

I must say that over the last week or so, you have become very chatty. Sometimes you are more a baby who will watch the world go by and wait to be entertained by those around you but sometimes you squawk away with intonation and intent, just as though you are having an in depth chat with us. You’re not very quiet but you are in earnest and its rather charming. Well, up until its at a slightly inappropriate moment. Then we do the sheepish parent thing and say sorry for the interruption – you are just trying to join in with everyone. And you do like to join in sometimes.


Your Dad is convinced that you actively play peek-a-boo with us now. If we start by hiding eyes and then revealing them, you might give us a big grin as though this is the best game out. And then, if we hand over a burp cloth to you, you will put it up over your face yourself and then jerk it down repeatedly, appearing thrilled whenever we have responded with the requisite “peek-a-boo”. Your whole face lights up when you smile which you do regularly. Starting first thing in the morning when we get you up for the day. I’ll hear you stirring and squirming around and as soon as I peer over the side of the cradle to see you, you’re like well hey, you’ve come to get me haven’t you, you are AWESOME.


And that’s another thing. You have been graduated to the cradle in our room now. You are no longer in the bassinet. You are getting so big that you practically took up the whole thing. I was partly concerned that you no longer had enough room to really be comfortable and mostly concerned that you if you stayed used to that, it would suck big time when we try to transition you to the cot. What can I say, I like my sleep.

Much love,


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