Month Eighty-Two

Dear Husband,

I am just curious, are you completely adverse to putting bottle caps in the bin? Do you break out in hives when such a circumstance occurs? Does it give you the heebie-jeebies when it comes down to dropping that bit of metal in the rubbish receptacle? I ask because you seem to be completely incapable of doing it.

You are normally very good with rubbish. Ok, so maybe very good is a stretch. Your floordrobe is littered with old receipts and there is a multitude of unsorted letters and papers about the place but you are usually right on top of anything that might have touched a consumable product and therefore the whole bottle cap thing confounds me. I find them everywhere.

I find them on your dressing table, on the floor beside your bed, in your pockets, on the bathroom counter, on the coffee table, on the kitchen counter…I even find them on the couple of inches of counter in front of the kitchen sink which is incidentally DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE BIN. And yet the process whereby you actually exert that little bit of extra effort to open the door and drop that bottle cap right in there just doesn’t happen.

Its not as though you are keeping them for a kids craft project either. You just don’t throw them away. Fortunately, you don’t drink that much beer that we are swimming in the damn things. My finding them everywhere is a process over time but is has struck me recently that this has almost turned into a thing.

Something that I hope has not turned into a thing though is the sickness that has hit again. As we get into the cooler weather and you continue to burn the candle at both ends, you spent a lot of time being sick again this month. Genevieve had an off week and Elliot was a bit congested too but you were just wiped out for a bit there. Fortunately you were not hit with influenza again, it definitely wasn’t that bad but it sort of seemed a bit more severe than the man flu. I think you were somewhere in the middle. At least you weren’t really suffering on your birthday.

Your birthday was a kind of quiet affair this month. We had discussed having house guests and getting a bunch of people to all go out for brunch on the weekend but that was probably more for me than it was for you. I like the idea of parties and celebrations and gatherings but when it comes to people en masse, particularly when you could be seen to be “hosting”, it just makes you tired. And uncomfortable. I had these plans of a big birthday (for me) cum housewarming last year but in the end that seemed more pain than pleasure and I had dreams of a Christmas in July this year but when I tried to talk to you about it, we just ended up in a fight. So when it came to your birthday, we agreed to babysit a girl slightly younger than Genevieve and ended up taking the three small kids to Questacon. Then, at the last minute on the way home, we asked some friends out to dinner at the pub. It was a fun, spontaneous night and much more your pace though so I hope it was a good birthday this year.

Well wishingly yours,
Your Loving Wife


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