Day 100

Dear Elliot,

As I have mentioned before, despite my best intentions, some things are going to fall by the wayside with you. Or you can look at it like your sister was the guinea pig and you are the final version. Either way, there will not be the photo a day for your first year as there was with your sister. There will not be the weekly letters either. Sometimes it will also be over a month before I can gather my thoughts and actually write you a letter. This does not mean I don’t think about it though.

I have been trying to take a note of all the things that strike me as you are growing up. I do write myself notes here are there and occasionally I write a paragraph or two while the stage is still fresh in my mind. They change so fast though and now I find myself so far from the last letter that I should just put all those thoughts together so here you are:



I know I have mentioned it before but like you sister, you store away air like there could be a lack of it sometime only to realise that’s not the way it works. You are one of the noisiest eaters I have heard in a while and its obvious whenever you feed that you are having a lip-smackingly good time. With an emphasis on the lip smacking. As a consequence though, you become terribly windy or gassy or colicy or however one is supposed to describe babies that really need to fart afterwards!

You don’t seem to have this problem at night (for which I am incredibly thankful). You are more relaxed so you latch without sucking in air as though you are drowning. I don’t even burp you most of the time. You feed and then you pass out and we all go back to sleep. Its glorious. The evenings though are another matter entirely. We have started giving you infants friend and another natural remedy. I’m not sure whether they actually work or its just a matter of time for your body to push out the pockets of air that are distressing you. You certainly find it a little harder than your sister.

I am guessing this phase will pass soon as your body gets bigger and stronger but right now, we’re still getting there.



Poo! We have poo. Its terribly sad this this is something that excites us but it does. You have been withholding for a couple of days now. You used to go like clockwork; in the middle of every feed. Every single feed. Then you just stopped. You didn’t go for the rest of the day. You didn’t feel the need to evacuate your waste the next day either. Fortunately (if the first time is anything to go by) you don’t seem to get terribly upset as you become fully loaded but you do stock it all up so that it can explode at the appropriate moment. Which is this case was a Wednesday.

Who knows if this is now going to be the norm. If you are going to graduate to only having a movement twice a week. As in, sorry, no poo today, I only go on Wednesdays and Sundays. Which is not a problem. I’m just hoping that we don’t have too many (if any) poo-splosions. Cleaning up clothes and change mats and such is something I can handle. However, when that sort of thing results in the need to wash prams and car seats etc, that is not fun. We have (I say we but it was your father really) had very recent experience with this as we readied for you things that have been in storage since Genevieve used them.

So yeah, keep in in your nappy dude and it will be all good.



You have started smiling at us and its beautiful. You have dimples! It is perfectly lovely that you are starting to offer us smiles when you wake up in the morning. However, the forty-eight hours of clusterfeeding that we just came off was not so enjoyable. Every two hours man! I was running through the this too shall pass mantra as you would constantly take on the persona of Starvin’ Marvin and demand more than it seemed I could make! Seriously, how can you all of a sudden eat that much? When did you get hollow legs? You packed it all away though and it was tiring and exhausting (not to mention a little dehydrating – I probably should have drunk more myself). Each morning you would give me some beautiful smiles though so I forgive you.



Every time we go to drive anywhere, I do my little happy dance that we got one that likes the car! It may sound silly but Genevieve hated the car for the first couple of months. And when I say hated, I mean despised with a burning passion beyond the capability of a mere mortal. It was horrible. You on the other hand will be quiet and will quite frequently fall asleep.

Sometimes you are hungry or unsettled and therefore if we travel too slowly or stop at lights you will make your displeasure known. And if, God forbid, we need to stop at the supermarket and stay in the car, you are Not Happy Jan. Still, I will take the calming effect that journeys frequently have on you any day.

We got one that loves the car! Yay!



Dude, you can totally fit your whole fist in your mouth! All five fingers. I remember when you were born that I was thinking you seemed to have a small mouth because you weren’t latching with enough boob to perfectly stimulate the milk flow. Sometimes now you seem either a little greedy (you won’t take the time to latch properly and just grab whatever at the first opportunity, any way you can get it) or you are lazy (which kind of equates to the same thing) but its not because you can’t open your mouth. If you can fit your whole fist in there, you’re fine. And starving apparently.

You seem to have taken to jamming your hand in your mouth when you feel that I have been neglecting you or not listening to your concerns, ie. hunger. Its too early for teeth and like your sister, you don’t seem to be the sort of kid that needs something in your mouth. You’re not a thumb sucker and whilst we haven’t actually tried you on a dummy, I’m not that sure that you’d want it anyway. I am more than happy right now with not keeping you in a supply of dummies or pacifiers or “hi’s” as someone we know refers to them (they are always kept up “high”).

And on another note, we have laughter. Its more like a little giggle at the moment but its terribly cute. You seem very unsure before you make the sound though. Like you weren’t aware that your body could do that. What is this thing where I expel my breath and have to catch it again??

We have had to surprise you into laughing so far. If you’re shocked, you relax enough that reflex takes over. You are not actually a terribly serious child as I first thought of your sister (oh how that has changed now!) but you are quiet. You watch and you listen. You are ready with a smile when we act like fools in front of you but I wouldn’t yet describe you as a gregarious child, always wanting to be part of everything around you. Not without someone to set an example first. You and your sister are going to be a force to reckon with when you get a little older, I am sure. I can’t wait for the time when you laugh as much as Genevieve. If she has her way, it is going to be a permanent state of being for the both of you.



When you are lying down, you have this manner as you are wriggling of tilting your head up just so at a slight angle. You offer me a chin tip at the same time as raising your eyebrows as if to say yo, Mama, what up? You give me a subtle smile and its totally charming. And cheeky. You keep that up my boy and you’ll probably be breaking hearts in no time. Of girls your own age as well as all the other Mamas who see you.

You are very popular when we go out. There are many “Auntys” who love to get cuddles and many others who remark what a growing gorgeous boy you are.


So, my dear boy, until next time, keep growing and changing and surprising me every day. You light up our days young man and we love you very much.

Much love,


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