Out of the Mouths of Babes

Dear Genevieve,

Some of the stuff you say is hilarious. Sometimes it’s a word that you haven’t quite mastered like Murrumbateman which frequently comes out as Murrumbacon. However, sometimes it’s the connections that you make in your head or like the mis-heard lyrics of a song, the mondogrens that come out of your mouth. I wanted to tell you a couple of my favourites.

The first happened some weeks ago now but I have only just remembered that I never mentioned it before. It came about when you, your father and I were all sitting together and your dad was being silly. He was winding us up by getting you to agree or disagree with things and side with him against me. Its not a new game and its not one that works in your father’s favour all the time either but on this particular occasion, you got the best of both of us. He put on a silly face and stated that the day I married him was the best day of my life. In keeping with the game, you started to laugh and said nooo, so I thought yay, siding with me, until you said Mummy doesn’t have a life! Thank you darling. Thank you very much.

The next came after I was playfully pointing out that on occasion, you can be a less than perfect little girl. You were only half taking notice of me though as I went through the list of things you can be: bossy and rude and pedantic etc. It was when I got to the last one in my list that you responded. It wasn’t a trait that you understood however so when you went to repeat it back to me in question, you said the closest word you had. I said self-righteous! and you replied gorgeous? Not quite my sweet, not quite.

This last one had me really stumped for a minute or two. You have got to understand though that when you quite earnestly talked to me about eating leotards when Christopher Robin was here, I thought I was not without context but I still didn’t get it. I mean you asked the question on the morning you were to go to ballet. Where you wear the same uniform every week, leotard and all. And as we have taken to leaving Winnie the Pooh on overnight for you to listen to, I was confused as to how this fit in with your statement. I eventually figured out though that I was using the wrong context. You were asking this question the day after we had had guests for lunch and the real topic of the conversation therefore was the lemon tart we had when Kevin and Robyn were here.

So you continue to amuse us with your words and stories in addition to your sense of humour. You’ll take after your dad and grumps, I’m sure. You didn’t seem to be listening to me the other day so I asked if you were hard of hearing. You responded with what? I’m not convinced you didn’t do that on purpose. I am happy to cultivate this side of you, just try not to sass people too much if you don’t know you can get away with it, otherwise one day it’ll land you in a lot of trouble.

Alles Liebe,


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