Week 178

Dear Genevieve,

You can really be an opinionated girl at times. You have your wants and you like to make sure that these are addressed by those around you in no uncertain terms. Your wardrobe frequently falls under this category. It wasn’t something I thought about before but it has occurred to me recently that if you had your way, you would only wear dresses. Every day when you wake up you ask to wear a dress. Sometimes we try to suggest that maybe it’s getting a little too cold or that possibly considering the days’ proposed activities, pants would be more practical. At these times, you normally reiterate that you really want to wear a dress. And that’s a dress that you pick, not one that we might pick. Which usually means that you will be wearing a flimsy summer thing as opposed to winter weight attire. When you are not wearing one of your day dresses though, you can usually be found in your Cinderella costume.


It used to be that you headed straight for the tulle and the tutus when you felt the need to dress up but now it is all about Cinderella. You swan about the house in your Cinderella ball gown 4 or 5 times a week and constantly pester me for the plastic Cinderella slippers that we saw in Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago. You also ask to watch Cinderella on tv all the time as well. Either the original Disney cartoon or the more recent Kenneth Brannagh film. You are not picky. On one occasion you wanted to watch one version right after the other. Terrible mother and Disney fan that I am, I let you. Perhaps I should introduce you to The Slipper and the Rose though. That is the version of the Cinderella story that I used to watch ad nauseum when I was a little girl. Just ask Gigi!


And whilst we are on the topic of Cinderella, you have recently mentioned the desire to have a step-mother and step-sisters. You were very disappointed the other week when I broke it to you that you were incredibly unlikely to ever get them. Given that Cinderella was your frame of reference for knowing about them, I was a little confused as to why you would actually want them. Its kind of a moot point though because I am pretty sure you are going to luck out on that front in your life. Your father and I are planning on sticking around together as long as we can. But then, I do find it interesting to hear some of the things that you want. You asked me very nicely this month if you could be pregnant sometime. And yes, I’m pretty sure you could be sometime but please don’t make me a grandmother before you are in a committed relationship!

I would also like it if you could stop asking me really silly questions. I’m not talking about the request for step relations or other queries that come from lack of actual understanding or natural curiosity but the ridiculous (and repetitive) questions that I am positive you already know and understand the answers to. Questions I have already answered for you several times over. Questions you have posed after prefacing them with an awareness of the correct response. We used to get an abundance of just “why”. We still get this but now we get “why something” as well. And “is…something” and “what…something”. Is the shoe that feels a little weird on your foot and that your father advised is on the wrong foot after your mother had advised it was on the wrong foot actually on the wrong foot? Yes. Yes, it is.


But you are frequently unconcerned by many things that we might hope would concern you. Like when you are making a mess that you have no intention of cleaning up. Or in fact making a mess that you don’t even comprehend should be cleaned up. You might be happily painting or drawing on some paper then all of a sudden you will be getting texta all over the bench. Your father or I will admonish you accordingly and you will calmly return with don’t worry, don’t worry. Like we are the ones making all the fuss over nothing. You even tell us when you get food or liquid on your placemat that you are supposed to do that. So don’t worry. Unfortunately that is not comforting Genevieve. And just so as you are aware, when you do immediately realise (or reallyise as you say it) that you have done the wrong thing, you could learn to apologise with a little more sincerity. At the moment, you usually throw out a quick oh sorry, sorry and then go on as if nothing happened. Its hardly worth complaining that my toes were stepped upon or that you nearly hit your brother in the head. Once again, it’s a lot of fuss over nothing, right?


Other than that this month, you have taken to speaking to us in a “baby” voice when you are trying to be silly. Often you speak in your normal little girl voice which is remarkably articulate when we compare you to some other kids your age. Occasionally though, you like to put on a funny, high pitched voice and at these times, just so as you know, we wouldn’t have a clue what you are saying. We also wouldn’t have a clue why you have started to wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares. Just over the last week or so, you have started waking up crying and on one occasion screaming. You go straight back to sleep though when we put Winnie The Pooh back on for you to listen to and going to bed is no more difficult and drawn out than it normally is so hopefully this is just a short phase. Especially as the weather is getting colder. We are a lot more reluctant to leave the warmth of our bed when its freezing outside if it. Selfish perhaps, but true.

Alles Liebe,


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