Day 44

Dear Elliot,

You seem to stretch out a little more each day. You are no more the compact little ball that we brought home from the hospital. You push your feet out and wave your arms about as you learn what your body is capable of. You grow too, looking a little bit bigger on my lap every time I lay you there. You used to fit there, just so. Now I am starting to need your feet against my belly.

I am not sure that we actually have a routine. You eat when you are hungry and you sleep when you are tired. You have a fairly predictable witching hour just before you go down for the evening. Its like the gas just builds up over the day and hits you at the end making you incredibly uncomfortable. I can’t say as I know what the bored cry sounds like or the hungry cry per se but I know the I’m hurting cry…


Its actually surprising that I don’t hear it more through the day seeing as you seem to constantly take in air as you feed. You are very noisy! Someone suggested I ask the doctor to check if you had a tongue tie preventing you from latching properly but I don’t think you do. You poked your tongue out at me the other day and you seemed to have no problems getting it out of your mouth. Maybe you’re just a little lazy or maybe you just get flooded. I feel like I have a much stronger let-down this time. When I am feeding you and when I’m not. I might be walking through a store minding my own business when, wham! Lactating! And while I am at it, ouch! But yes, perhaps you can’t keep up at first and its like I’m drowning you…

You get rid of everything you don’t need though. Like clockwork. In the middle of every feed. The one routine we do seem to have is you follow the pattern feed, poop, feed, sleep. It works out though because you also like to drowse off in the middle of your feeds. I therefore use a nappy change to wake you up after you do your business so I can feed you the other half. Otherwise you’d just wake up sooner because you were still hungry!

Q1 2016_GB&EJ-11

But overall you are a joy. I’m not sure if you are lulling me into a false sense of security so you can surprise me later with strings of sleepless nights but for now, we’re a doing really well. You settle quickly after you wake for night feeds and you sleep for decent stretches in the day. You are starting to be more alert and awake between feeds but you are still my little baby.

Much love,


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