Month Seventy-Nine

Dear Husband,

This month has been a little bit of a blur. We brought Elliot home and your uni has started up so we have therefore been adjusting to life as a family of four where I am technically the primary parent and you are a student. It hasn’t been easy. Doing full time study on your own without the physical presence of a university or the atmosphere created by other students on a campus is really hard. And going from having a child to having children isn’t that easy either. Especially when you throw in the other things we were dealing with this month. Like the carpet.

I was aware that the weather had been bad when I was in hospital with Elliot. I could see the rain and storms going on outside the window but I was blissfully unaware of just how severe the storms were as I was somewhat insulated in my private room. Apparently they were considered freak weather conditions and the worst lot of storms the area had experienced in a long time. Which kind of explains why we ended up with water damage to the rumpus room. It seems that while we were gone a lot of water came into that part of the house and the carpet, so you tell me, was absolutely sopping!

You therefore got to harass AAMI again to see what we could do about it. Having learnt from last time that it is best to go through them from beginning to end of an issue lest they question the validity of any privately contracted “fix”, you had to push them to help now. I think you used the we-have-a-new-baby-and-there-could-be-mould-growing-that-KILLS-him-yes-I-said-KILLS-him-people card which seemed to work because some lovely people came out and set up fans to blow the place dry. They also cut out a noticeable amount of our carpet. Since it was the insurance company’s contractor that did it though, it will be the insurance company’s job to replace said carpet once the place is dry. Not bad for a days’ work on your part. And it was a days’ work really – it seems to take a lot of phone calls and negotiating and holding to get anything done sometimes…

So there was that delightful situation when we returned home. There was also the mini mouse plague in the house. Within the stretch of a couple of days, catching three mice was part a relief as we seemed to get them all and partly disturbing as we had to catch them all in the first place. Especially the one in our wardrobe! I can understand mice in the kitchen where the food and lingering smells would seem highly attractive but it was somewhat distressing to find a mouse had invaded my wardrobe. And it also proved that Reuben is like the worst mouser on the planet. That dog literally slept right in front of the wardrobe where the mouse had temporarily taken up residence and we didn’t hear one peep or paw from him. So he is not like Neighbourette’s dog who managed to completely annihilate a sewing machine in her attempt to rid them of a rodent. That dog is a search and destroy machine when it comes to mice. Ours, not so much.


And so now we are hoping that the home front calms down a little next month as we try to cultivate patience and understanding of our three-year-old and balance in relation to our newborn. I somehow think that this is going to me a real long-term project…At least we are getting sleep though. Sure, I often wake up a couple of times to feed (you still don’t) but on the whole, she usually sleeps through every night and he intersperses longer periods of sleep with his two and more often three hour blocks of blissful (milk drunk / comatose / sleepy) silence. He may just be lulling us into a false sense of security but hey, I’ll take it while I can.

Somewhat restfully yours,
Your Loving Wife


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