Day 10

Dear Elliot,

What a difference a couple of days makes. We have had you at home for a couple of days now and we are still in the midst of going with the flow. Its too soon to really have a routine yet although so far, you have shown a particular predilection for emptying your bowels only on the middle of a feed. Which works well really because I can then use the changing of a nappy to wake you up for the rest of your feed. Because you take so long you get what you need that you frequently fall asleep in the middle of it!


You sister was more a guzzle and go type of baby. She would feed for 5 or 10 minutes at night and then she’d be done. She wouldn’t be interested in more, she’d be milk drunk and she would have passed out. At least that’s the way I remember it. Compared to you who can sup for an hour or so before you are actually done. If I attempt to put you down before that time, you inevitably wake up crying as if I’d tried to starve you and trying to chew your fists off in between screams. When I fed Genevieve, I seem to recall that I would note down the start of every feed to gauge the time between. With you, I note when I stop feeding you so I can figure out how much of a break I have had to replenish supplies before I start again.

Q1 2016_GB&EJ-3

So we’re still getting in the swing of the feeding thing and you are getting used to your body. Or at least getting used to the space now that you are out. When we first brought you home and you got to wear clothes, your knees were permanently in the bent position making long pants somewhat awkward to get on properly. Every so slowly though, you are starting to stretch them out. Just testing the extension here and there to make sure that yes, it is possible before you draw them back in to your middle. Its very cute but it does herald the end of the newborn stage.


More so than with you sister, I feel like you are growing and changing too fast. Maybe its because after you sister, I always thought that I would do it again and now its more than likely that I won’t. I wanted to get some really good photos of you at this really soft and roly-poly stage but my budget won’t stretch to my photographers of choice and so it has been up to your Aunty Ishy and I to capture who you are at the moment. Professional we are not but at least I didn’t dress you up in something ridiculously kitsch or naff.

Much love,


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