Week 165

Dear Genevieve,

You became a big sister this month. After waiting and waiting for the baby in my tummy to arrive, I finally went into hospital and out came Elliot. It wasn’t quite that simple or easy for me unfortunately but for you it was. One day you had your parents all to yourself and the next day, after a sleepover at Gigi’s, you had a baby brother.

I’m not quite sure what you thought of him when you first saw him because you were very quiet. When you arrived at the hospital to see us, he was being checked out by a nurse so you sat on my lap and just looked at him. We had all been excited about the prospect of you becoming a big sister and had talked about the fact that mummy was preparing a new life in her belly. Then you were presented with the sight of a wriggling infant and I don’t think you knew quite what to make of him.

We asked if you wanted to hold your brother. Repeatedly actually but you were resolute that no, you really didn’t want to hold him thank you very much. You would tell everyone that came near that he was your baby brother. Nurses, family, friends…you were really quite proud of that fact and seemingly of him but you didn’t want to actually hold him. You would creep close when he was in your father’s arms and after taking some time to scope out the situation, you decided to kiss his forehead but you wanted to take the time to really introduce yourself.


Your father and I didn’t want to push you so if we offered and you declined then we just let it pass. It was when we hadn’t offered though and a group of visitors had just left that you announced I’d like to hold Elliot now. And then it was game on. There were kisses and cuddles and of course conning me out of my hospital meals at every opportunity. At least the bread rolls and the sweets. I’m sure you thought I only ordered them so you could eat them. That was fair enough though cause I’m not sure your dad really had your nutrition on his mind at the end of the month.

You and your Dad would come and spend a couple of hours at a time with me and Elliot in the hospital but I never saw your dad bring any food for you at all. No snacks. No meals. Nothing. We frequently carry fruit or biscuits in your nappy bag but while you were visiting in the hospital, your father seemed to think that you wouldn’t be hungry and didn’t require sustenance. You wouldn’t get food you didn’t scam off me until you went back to Gigi’s house I think. Sorry about that. We’ll totally try and do better when we get home, I promise. We will also try and make sure that we have time just for you. You had a hard time of it this month.


Since January consisted of a remarkably cranky and pregnant mummy and school holidays, you have spent a lot more time at home that maybe wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. There were no playgroups to go to. No storytime, no mini music and no friends. I’m not quite sure what we did do all month because clearly, there were a number of days to fill but I’m pretty sure they weren’t taken up with activities that you thought were really awesome and entertaining. Its all a little bit of a haze in my memory now actually. Hopefully next month will be better.

Alles Liebe,


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