Day 252 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

What can I say this week? You are really pushing the limits of my stomach at the moment. You have been for a while but now, despite the complete lack of feeling I have around or through my actual belly button, the area surrounding is quite sensitive. Probably because of all those stretch marks I now have. I didn’t get any with your sister at all which was great. However this time around, I have little purple pathways that wend their way outwards from the middle. I don’t have any marks on the side of my torso as some other women do but front on, you are already making a mark for yourself dude.

As for everything else, its one day after another and one step in front of the one before with a couple of naps thrown in for good measure. I haven’t had to take numerous phone calls from a job that no longer employs me so I have not been bound to a wooden chair for hours and I have been soaking up the last of the “three of us” days before you get here. Well, in between biting people’s heads off because the whole pregnancy discomfort and lack of a suitable brain-mouth filter kind of means that the rest of the family are treading very carefully at times.

I did have some grand designs of fixing up your bedroom. Getting rid of the excess clothes that belong to everyone else in the house. Putting some of the clothes that will be yours into the wardrobe ready for use. Finding some floor space etc. I thought the beginning of the year would be a great opportunity. I haven’t managed to get around to that yet but I will. Before you officially move in. Which in reality is months away because you will be sleeping in our room for a while so it is the dog that we have to relocate first…although I had vague plans of using your bedroom floor instead of the hallway so I might have to get on that…

Maybe I’ll get a crazy nesting urge and overhaul everything just before you get here. Although I didn’t get one of those last time. I was induced last time and plan to be again so maybe that whole cleaning and sorting compulsion will escape me once more. Who knows. Rest assured that you will have somewhere clean to sleep and it won’t be in a drawer so you’re all good.

Much love,


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