Week 161

Dear Genevieve,

Since you learn the majority of your language skills from us, we are trying really hard to teach you to speak properly. And I say trying really hard because whilst your father and I know what is “right”, society lets us get away with what is now acceptable and we have grown lazy. For instance, we’d like you to understand the difference between “can I” and “may I”. Whilst both are questions, only one of them is really a request. We are not always consistent though when we gently try and correct you so at the moment we have a lot of please could I may have something I want. Which is actually kind of cute.


What is not so cute is that you have picked up the bad habit of saying “like” all the time. Like when you like put the word “like” in the middle of a sentence that like doesn’t really need it? It looks totally stupid when you write it but it creeps into speech in unnecessary places all the time and it will totally be a losing battle for me to get you to stop because I do it all the time too – just go ask Grumps. He got really mad at me when I started doing it as a teenager! So I know one of the main culprits for that speech pattern. What I don’t know is where “ya” was learned. You have taken to saying “thank ya”all the time. Not thank “you”. This is not something I have ever said and not something I have heard your father say either. I am currently trying to knock it out of you quick smart cause it really irritates me.

Other than that, your vocabulary and your comprehension are evolving. Sometimes you have the funniest expressions. On Christmas day, you were somewhat overawed by all the presents you received and at one point you exclaimed in delight “I can’t believe it!”. You also love to talk about movies and frequently discuss the storylines and character motivations. Ad nauseum. You recognise the value of a leading statement and like to tell me happily that “I didn’t get any chocolate/tv/treats today” in the hope that I will understand this to be a real problem and rectify the situation. Sadly, you are a little off with that one. And every so often we are surprised when you get close but are still missing part of the sentence or the exact word you are after such as when you advise us that “baby has a throat today”. Yes, yes she does. We all have throats…But I’m very sorry that baby has a “sore” throat today. Or a cough. Which I can totally understand you seeing as just part of the throat.


And speaking of sore throats, I think this month saw the first time that you have actually been sick since we moved. You were frequently ill when we lived in Sydney which could have been our house, the city or daycare. Or a combination of all three. Ever since we have moved though, you haven’t been really sick and to be honest, you weren’t this time either. I don’t think you even had a fever. Just a snotty nose and a bit of a cough. You were unsettled for a couple of nights and then you just got over it. It was awesome. Although you are usually pretty good when you’re sick so I shouldn’t really complain. I can complain about how much of a toad you are when you are naughty though.

We have lots of discussions in our house about your cranky face or your rude face. Sometimes you are just trying to throw your weight around. Sometimes you really don’t want something to happen (or you really do want it to happen) but sometimes I think you and your dad get carried away with a game and all of a sudden you put on the face and get told off for it and we just create a whole situation we could have avoided. Unfortunately you do need to learn that how you are perceived is sometimes equally as important as your intention and desires. No one likes a belligerent child and its usually not ok for you to demand “don’t talk! I don’t want you to talk” when we are trying to explain something but maybe we have to watch if we are contributing to these occasions unnecessarily…


Other than that this month, we saw the arrival of Zebby, the imaginary friend. As far as I am aware, she was ony around on two occasions and not for very long at that. Usually you seem to prefer Baby as your companion. Oddly enough, she was actually out of commission for a number of weeks and it didn’t seem to phase you. You had an “accident” on your bed and we decreed that Baby had to be de-peed before you could have her back. This ended up meaning an extended stay in the laundry because it took us a while to get around to cleaning her off. We eventually did though and ever since then, she has been required in bed to go to sleep. Which was fine except for the fact that the day you got her back, you left her behind when you and your father were out during the day. For about 5 minutes, we thought she might have been left at the library and we were trying to prepare you for the fact that you would not have her for bed and we would try and pick her up first thing in the morning. After further discussion though, we suspected that she had been left at the church and your father had to chase up a set of keys so he could go and retrieve her. You were one lucky girl that night!


The only other things I wrote down for this month were the trip we made to hand pick our live Christmas tree. We all drove you to the Christmas tree farm where you kept on insisting you wanted a small tree for some reason. Not sure what that was about. Your father was not about to be done out of his big, hitting the ceiling height Christmas tree however so that is what we ended up with in the end. You were more than happy to help decorate though. Just as you are more than happy to get tickles on your back. I know that your father loves touch and it seems that you are taking after him in that regard. I was absentmindedly tracing my fingers over your back the other day and now you will lift up your t-shirt and present your back to me to say tickles mum! Now.

Alles Liebe,


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