Day 245 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

Happy New Year! Just to let you know, we celebrated by me wearing pajamas, turning on a fan and hopping into bed well before midnight. I contemplated being in the city for the 9 o’clock fireworks…for about five minutes. Then I figured that with the amount of time we would need to be out in advance and I would be sitting on the ground, not to mention the walk to and from the car park, the traffic getting out and the lengthy drive home it was so not worth it. Genevieve doesn’t know what she is missing yet and your view is still pretty static at this stage. Not that I expect you’ll like fireworks for a while yet anyway. They pretty much start out more as loud bangs than pretty lights…

And speaking of things that will take a while, cause I totally was, apparently you don’t seem to be in a hurry either. Just like your sister. I had a growth scan a couple of weeks ago and whilst I knew that it put me out of the high risk category, apparently it also showed that there is a goodly length of my body from your head to where you come out and they are not expecting that you’ll be in a rush to come and meet everyone. This was not exactly unexpected but it wasn’t exactly good news either. Especially as I have also been warned that you are likely to be bigger than your sister, weighing in at over 4 kgs.

This pregnancy has been a lot tougher on me than the last one was. You are all out in front like a big watermelon, really low down (I swear my belly dips down slightly before continuing around) and really heavy. I have started clasping my hands underneath like a platform to boost you up and take some of the pressure. I guess I shouldn’t complain thought because I have not been bed ridden, I don’t have sciatica up and down my legs and I can still breathe – albeit more rapidly as I am frequently puffed. However, a full night’s sleep is but a distant memory, I am way more cranky overall and am most comfortable when I am horizontal. Which I find I need to be frequently. I lie down a lot now. I nap too but sometimes just lying down makes it all (a bit) better.

So yeah, last time around at 41 weeks everyone was saying you must be so over this stage and ready for the baby to be out and I was like no, not really, I still feel fine. This time around, I’m not even at “term” and I totally would not care if you came tomorrow! I really think your father might though. We have decided to opt for an induction right off the bat this time around and he is therefore aware that this will probably needs be before my actual “due date” but he seems a little concerned at how early the OB and I might consider to be appropriate.

As long as you arrive safely though and without too much drama, I can definitely deal with everything else. I would gladly take more discomfort in pregnancy if it meant that you were better off when you are delivered. Doesn’t stop me also hoping that the next couple of weeks don’t get any harder and that the birth experience is much like or even better than the last one I had. The whole wing it philosophy worked last time so here’s hoping for a repeat performance.

Much love,


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