Day 238 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

Merry Christmas! From all your family to you. Including your exhausted, puffy and big-bellied mama! I don’t know whether I am eating more this time around or exercising less but I am definitely bigger than I was with your sister. So much so that some clothes that fit me last time I was pregnant are too small this time and I actually had to take all my rings off. That was painful. They weren’t actually cutting off circulation but it had gotten to the point that I noticed them on my fingers and if nothing else, I remember how unattractively swollen I was after delivering a baby that I thought it best to remove the jewellery now lest it be a real issue later. Cause there was one of those rings I definitely did NOT want to be cut off! So instead I had I had to work off the three rings on my 4th finger over several days as it was too painful to do them all at once.

On the plus side of my many kilos, I don’t seem to suffer from pregnancy cankles or excessive water retention but I’m definitely not feeling trim, taut and terrific. More tired, tubby and tetchy. My conviction growing stronger every day that I really don’t want to do this again. It was like that in the first trimester when I was doing a lot of thinking that this pregnancy better stick because I wasn’t planning on a re-run. Then I got to the 2nd trimester stupidity when I started thinking that a big family would be awesome and I could totally go another round and maybe get another girl so I could use all those girl clothes again…I was clucky while I was already pregnant! I am now back to the original standpoint. Not that its not going to be awesome to have you but I think you’re destined to be a younger child and not a middle.

I met a lady the other day who has recently given birth to a daughter. I saw her talking to another young child that was obviously hers and asked if she had just the two. She said no, she now had eight. All singletons. So respect to her. Really. But I am so not going there. I’m pretty sure that your dad doesn’t want me going there either. With the brain-mouth filter in hiatus during the pregnancy, I haven’t been the nicest lady around and at the rate I’ve been going, given another go around, next time I probably really would bite his head off!

So once again this does just seem like a bit of a whinge. Please believe me that I did have these grand plans initially of keeping these a lot lighter and hopefully an entertaining record of what my journey was like with you. I’m not sure it quite worked out like that. Although in the interest of adding anecdotal items, it just so happens that our current bench height which I think is a fraction higher than the old house is incidentally the perfect height to rest the belly on while I am doing the washing up. I am not great on my feet in one place at the moment but this almost makes it bearable to perch my poochy self on the edge of the bench. As long as I don’t splash myself with blisteringly hot water. I have already lost sensation to the skin around my flat belly button but below that (where I can’t see), I can still feel and damn it, washing up water is hot.

Much love,


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