Day 231 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

This was a big week for us. It started out with a growth scan which told me some of what I already knew (i.e. you are going to be big) and some good news that I was waiting on – I am no longer high risk and am cleared to deliver naturally. Although I must admit that a small part of me was probably hoping that the decision would be taken out of my hands and I would be required to not go through labour again and would need a caesarean. I know the recovery is worse with a Caesar and also that plenty of women would give their right arm to deliver naturally. I also know that I had a really good experience last time so its not as if I am concerned about repeating a bad experience but I do remember that it was hard and tough and now I know that I am going to go through it all again.

But you are also looking very healthy so that is good. Everything is looking largely (being the operative word) as it should and things are flowing in the right direction. Which it took several attempts to ascertain because you would not stop moving. Your sister was in comparison a very restful baby. You are on the other hand a very energetic little thing. You are constantly pushing and stretching and wriggling so it will be interesting to see what you are like when you arrive. Whether you’ll be a Houdini that is impossible to keep wrapped or whether you’re calm and peaceful (yeah right). Cause when you’re not specifically moving, you also now get hiccups. I have felt this before and wondered whether I would again with you – apparently so.

And with the rest of the week, I worked in Sydney. I drove up this time instead of taking the bus so I couldn’t just doze or rest on the three hour trip. I was also staying with family so I was a long way out of the city which meant early mornings and late nights getting back. There was a lot of walking around the office and to and from bus stops as well so it was more exercise than I am currently used to which I am sure will leave me wiped next week. This week I have probably been running on adrenalin. The change of pace and scenery kicked me into another gear during the day so whilst I was tired, I wasn’t exhausted as I was in and around the city. I managed some late nights too because I was either up late chatting or out at bookclub with the ladies. I would totally crash when I finally got to bed of course (and it was awesome to have a bed to myself with no toddlers, no partner disturbance and no dog) but I slept better than I have for a while so that helped. The humidity was notable and uncomfortable though so I was once again glad that we made the move that we did and we’re out of Sydney. Its fun for short periods of time but I really don’t miss it. I think you’ll be a lot happier here than you would have been in our old house too!

Much love,


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