Day 224 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

I don’t think that anything of major import happened this week. Although I am posting under the early December date, I didn’t actually write this letter on that date so I guess that means I was probably tired and drained. When I wasn’t working I was probably trying to rest. I think I cancelled the midwife appointment that I had scheduled because I really felt that I didn’t need it. Sixty odd k’s is a long way to drive to tell someone that I don’t have any questions.

This cancelled appointment also means that I would have morning tea with one of the ladies from town and her toddler though. She lent me a couple of maternity tops to wear which was really nice because my summer wardrobe that fits is sadly lacking. That’s still really all I have to tell you about the week though. I’m just plodding along really and you seem to be growing on your merry way as well.

Much love,


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