Week 157

Dear Genevieve,

Because. Because, because, because, because, because…(not for the wonderful things he does). But because your favourite top is wet, because it has not yet been put out to dry, because it needs to be dried after it has been washed, because I washed it the other day, because you got it dirty, because you spilled food on it, because you wouldn’t wear a bib, because you didn’t want to, because you’re contrary child….very contrary!


We have been suffering from “The Why” this month. All children get to this stage so I’m told and it is apparently a good thing that you’re questioning your environment and starting to put cause and effect together. However, it is also bugging the crap out of me. Because sometimes I think you ask why just to have something to say. Particularly when I tell you something at the same time as telling you the reason behind it (just as normal conversation) and then you ask me for the reason! Seriously child!?! Do you like silly questions or do you just not listen? And when I think that you have just asked me a silly question, I sometimes turn it back on you to ask what you think and you give me the right answer. So then I’m frustrated all over again that you asked what is therefore a silly question in the first place!


I am trying to be considerate of your curiosity and not to resort to it doesn’t matter or worse yet, because I said so. I am trying to be patient but as my belly gets bigger and bigger with your brother, my fuse is getting that much shorter and my brain-mouth filter more non-existent. Sorry about that. It would really help me though if you were a little less lazy and thought just as much about what you said as what you wanted to know. Although perhaps I should also practice what I preach with your father a bit more, yeah?


So apart from that, given the date I am writing this for November, you have also just turned three! You are growing up fast and are turning into quite the little lady. With her own definite opinions too. You were very particular about when you were and were not three. You have been showing us for weeks on your fingers how old you were and how old you were going to be but I think you associated actually being three with your party. Because you were apparently still two before your party and after it! And your party was clearly the only appropriate place for anyone to sing happy birthday to you. You got very upset when absent family members called you at the end of the day and wanted to sing to you over the phone. You didn’t want a bar of it.


It was a long day for you and you did really enjoy your Peppa Pig party so all things considered, your dad and I figured the day was a win. You and I went to storytime at the library and then your friends walked down to the park with us and we had food and helium balloons and a long play on the play equipment. Your dad and a friend had decorated the tables at the park and you happily ran around having heaps of fun for a few hours. In theory, all the presents were cool but you were more excited to play with your friends than get stuck into your new possessions which I think is a great thing. You were exhausted by the end of the day.

And speaking of exhaustion and sleep which I wasn’t really but I am now, you seem to be back to often waking once in the middle of the night. Not all the time but its not a once in a blue moon thing either. Which is inconvenient for me because I am the only one that hears you because your father could sleep through a freight train passing over the house. So I will be the one who gets up to you in the night and then we seem to have created a routine whereby you come in to us in the morning. And hop into our bed. Which has its plusses and minuses. On the plus side, if you come in after 6am and crawl into bed with us, you go straight back to sleep and will happily doze quietly for the next two hours. The unfortunate part of this is that you sleep on my side which makes it very hard for me to toss and turn which I need to do to alleviate the discomfort of the belly. Which is why I have taken to top and tailing with you some days. If we send you back to your own bed though, you we may have to settle you again and you won’t sleep nearly as long. So it’s a catch 22 really. I probably get about the same amount of sleep either way but the quality is better when I stay in my own bed.


Other than that, we haven’t has as many tantrums this month which has been wonderful. We have had a lot of attitude and whingeing though which is something we’re working through. Sometimes you can be the most delightful child. I may want to sit down for some quiet so I’ll ask if you’d like to watch some Genni tv and you smile prettily and say oh thank you mama very enthusiastically. If we actually prompt you to use your manners when we give you something else like food or drink however, we can be lucky to get a mumbled thanks. Contrary child, contrary.

Alles Liebe,


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