Day 217 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

You have lots of hair. So the OB tells me anyway. We had another scan this week and amongst the black and white blobs that only seem to make sense at the checkups and never on the pictures I come home with, there are fuzzy bits that are apparently hair.

This doesn’t surprise me at all because your sister came out with a full head of dark hair when she was born. No baldies in this family. There may be a blondie as your father had very light coloured hair when he was young and your sister definitely got lighter in the months after she was born but I don’t think you’ll be suffering from no hair.

Apart from that, I still feel huge an exhausted if I have to stand in one place for more than five minutes. Moving is not so bad. It feels like a full on cardio workout sometimes but actually getting somewhere tends to take my mind of feeling like I have to waddle to make any progress. And I think I do waddle occasionally. If I’m really tired and I’m not thinking about it, I think there is a little more side to side than there is straight forwards but then that could be in my head.

Everyone tells me that I look great and you are all out in front. Personally I think that is people trying to cheer up the big fat pregnant lady but maybe I’m just biased. And cranky from lack of sleep. I could definitely do with more sleep at the moment. And not having to turn over 436 times a night. Sometimes it feels like all I do is turn over at night which is an arduous process and frequently has me grabbing the edge of the bed for leverage. I am positive I look completely ungainly. I remember at my antenatal classes or your sister, everyone had to say what they were looking forward to after the baby was born. Many were looking forward to breathing again. That wasn’t and isn’t my problem. Right now I can tell you that I am looking forward to not having to turn over in bed all the time! I’m just saying.

Much love,


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