Day 210 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

You are now at term. Congratulations. Although all this really means is that if something that isn’t supposed to happen does happen and you suddenly feel the need to arrive (please don’t), your chances of survival are that much better than they were before. Or something like that. You definitely should not be thinking of putting in an appearance any time soon but is somewhat comforting to know that I’m still hitting good milestones.

Anyway, there was another trip to Sydney this week, for my work Christmas party. I think I did pretty well too. The lunch started at 1:30pm and I eventually peeled off at 10:20pm to go back to my hotel and hit the sack.

Lunch was great. LOTS of meat and protein. It was Brazilian barbeque fare and I definitely made the most of all you can eat. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) we are past the stage that you inhibit the amount of food I can intake so I went for broke. After all, I wasn’t allowed to drink along with everyone else. Which when I think about it was only really disappointing when they started doing liqueur shots at the end of the night. I was kind of bummed not to have been able to partake then…

I also have to say that you were not very cooperative in terms of moving for other people. My belly got a few pats across the afternoon and there were a couple of people who really wanted to feel you move but you were either shy or antisocial because you were completely still every time those ladies were anywhere near me and I could have grabbed their hand and said feel this.

I was feeling you though. I seem to feel you all the time. I was also feeling you on my bladder at 4am the night of / after the Christmas party at which point I discovered that when I had previously shut the bathroom door in my hotel room, I had effectively locked myself completely out of the bathroom, and more importantly, the toilet. So I had to ring up the front desk and have someone come up to my room and unlock the door because waiting was so not an option right then.

As for the rest of the week, I also got a night off to attend Voices in the Forest with a friend where I sat in the hot afternoon sun listening to opera and debating on whether it was really worthwhile to have schlepped along a bag with a big cardigan and a picnic rug and a cushion and food. That was until the sun went down and the wind picked up when I wrapped the cardigan around me and used the plastic coated picnic rug as a wind break. As my own personal little heater, you helped too. The cushion as it turns out was not terribly useful. As it was, I was still continually swapping my seating position on the ground and under the blanket to maintain feeling in my lower half but it was a nice change of pace overall.

Apart from that, there is nothing of great import to impart.

Much love,


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