Day 203 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

We travelled again this week. And we had another Doctors appointment. Which was kind of handy because I got her to write me a fit to fly note which I actually ended up using for once. I may still have been able to get on the plane without it (after they cancelled my original flight and I begged poor pregnant lady to get on the next one) but its always handy not to have to convince someone that you are 99% sure that you will not require medical attention on board and their flight attendants will not be responsible for delivering a baby. Especially as you’re not even “term” yet!

But the flights were fine and I didn’t have any hassles physically. Apart from the hill up to your Great Nanna’s house. I came prepared this time. I knew that schlepping all my gear around has been getting to the impossibility point so I got a wheely suitcase to follow me round instead of having several bags that I’d have to carry on my shoulders. This worked a treat for the most part. I could fit the camera gear, the clothes and the computer gear I needed in there and I could get around without too much trouble as I was in and out of train stations and airports. There was that hill though. Only a couple of blocks but I was huffing and puffing to myself, I think I can, I think I can the whole way. And then, you know, I had to put the bag up a flight of stairs as your Great Nanna has even less capacity to lift a suitcase than I do. I got there though. And headed straight into the shower to rinse off.

Everything is a huge cardio workout at the moment. Even sitting down on my butt and reading bedtime stories to your sister! Actually, that is a little bit of an exaggeration. Its only a particular bedtime story. The Velveteen Rabbit to be precise. That Margery woman has an incredible fondness for the semicolon and as a result, some of her sentences are bloody long! I get puffed reading it the way I used to before I got this pregnant. It’s a bit depressing really. Oh well. Occasionally I think to myself I could always start to do a bit of exercise and maybe increase my stamina which would not doubt be of great benefit in the long run. And then I go and have a glass of Milo.

I’m going with a happy pregnant lady is better than an always hungry and cranky one. Sound ok? You can’t answer back yet and maybe that is good. Because I also want to gripe that I bought a new pair of pants this week and was kind of disgusted to find that I had to buy an XL to get a decent fit! Now I have a lot of sizes in my wardrobe and am not usually caught up on a number or letter. I care more about how I look that the size that I am wearing. However, when did I get so large that I had to start buying XL clothes just so I was not trying to squeeze my thighs into a long tube!

And then there was the other thing I wanted to mention this week – I had to sleep on my arms…

It is the case when you are this pregnant that you cannot physically lie on your stomach, you are not supposed to lie on your back (its cuts of blood circulation to vital things apparently) not that you’d really want to because its bloody uncomfortable, so that kind of leaves lying on your side. Which is all well and good until you have a flu vaccine in one arm and a whooping cough vaccine in the other. The flu one was relatively painless a day later and wasn’t an inconvenience. The whooping cough one on the other hand was noticeably uncomfortable. And given how many times I need to turn over of a night, it was inevitable that I kept noticing it! So I hope you appreciate that this was all in aid of giving you a modicum of cover when you arrive before you are able to get your own jab at 6 weeks. You’re going to really love that. I’d say sorry in advance but it is really important, trust me.

Much love,


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