Day 168 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

So you know how I said that as a second child, there would be things that just wouldn’t go the same way for you as they did for your sister? Well me writing for the last three weeks was one of them. Nothing major happened. No milestones were reached and the rest of life kind of crept in on my writing time…sorry about that.

But this was a big week for me. I have been lucky to generically work from home as I have been getting progressively more pregnant. Which basically means that I can wake up, wander down the hall to my office and wander out to the kitchen whenever I feel the need for food. I can break this up with a trip to the living room to eat lunch but overall, my day to day is not overly taxing. Which really has its cons as well as its pros such as the fact that anything further afield has the capacity to wipe me out. Such as a trip to Melbourne.

We had some client events this week and as a result, I needed to travel to Sydney first thing in the morning and then fly to Melbourne the next day. I was running up and down stairs and in and out of rooms that night as I helped facilitate the client event and then I flew back home so I could go and walk around Questacon with Genevieve and your Dad for my birthday. You know, before going out to dinner with the rest of my family. After all that, I was knackered.

Fortunately the venue in Melbourne was one that banned photography which meant that I didn’t have to schlep my camera bag with me as well because that bastard is heavy! I was struggling though. With the bags that I had and then all the running around, I was profoundly pooped by the time that the weekend came around. I had been puffed every time I had to climb a set of stairs and I probably consumed a number of things that I wasn’t really supposed to eat as well. Eating out of home when you’re pregnant and in company is tricky!

Much love,


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