Week 148

Dear Genevieve,

You have been in turns a complete turd and remarkably cute this month. Some of the time you have been extremely trying and my patience has worn thin. For example, you can take forever to go to the damn toilet! We are staring to make more of an effort to transition you out of nappies during the day and therefore encourage you to go to the toilet frequently and whenever you feel the need. Which you have taken to needing after you have gotten into bed at night.

You still wear nappies at night so it is so tempting to say no, you can’t get up, you have to stay in bed and the nappy will protect your sheets and jammies but I know I can’t. I let you get up and of course I have to come with you because you need an audience. Occasionally you need help too but generally you just want an audience and then we sit there…for a loooong time. During which period you will tell me things and I will ask you at least 5 times are you finished!?! Sometimes, during the day, you will hop on, do your business and hop right off again. Either as you balance on the adult seat, trying to support yourself with your arms so you don’t fall in, or as you deign to use the cushie child seat that we bought for you. Sometimes its not a drama or a long production but at other times…good Lord you can take forever girl!


Just like you can take forever to go to sleep. We have had nights recently where I have been sitting with you for over an hour waiting for you to pass out. I might read to you or just read to myself as you lie there staring at the ceiling. Sometimes its an ongoing litany from me of no talking, lie still, close your eyes as I try to reduce the input of stimulation in the hope that you will be unconscious sooner rather than later (I am reminded here of the Tim Minchin song that parents like their children more the close to death they look…). I don’t really get me time of a night though until you are out for the count so you are really cramping my evenings at the moment. You are also making an impact on the days when you decide that you really don’t want to leave wherever we happen to be. If we are at home, you don’t want to go to the shops. If we’re at the shops, you don’t want to go home and you go into a meltdown when we try to take you. I’m not sure if this is something residual from the house move and you’re still trying to find your comfort zone or you’re just being a threenager. It’d be really great if you could put a sock in it though.


And then you have been dressing up in your tutus and fairy outfits and doing your “ballets” for us at night. You dance and prance around with the biggest grin on your face and you have a ball. It doesn’t really matter what you dance to musicwise. Your father might put on “ballet goes pop” and you will sway around to modern songs played on instrumental piano. Lady Gaga is so much better without Lady Gaga…Sometimes you will actually get classical music and you will raise your arms up in the air and try to point your toes. And sometimes, your father will put on your new absolute most favourite song, Any Way You Want It by Journey and you will jump around the living room like a maniac singing and laughing. We think its hilarious and you obviously enjoy putting on a show. We figure we’re going to have to put you in dance lessons next year once you are 3. You’ve got really good rhythm and you get a real kick out of moving your body. You even have wedding dances as you continually want to “marry” your daddy. Apparently its fine for your dad to marry you as well as me and we can all get married as often as we want. Your dad thinks this is adorable and a sign that he must be doing something right. If you look up to him enough to want to do something special together which is what it really is for you, he is totally on board.


Then sometimes you just sing. It might be along to the Play School that we frequently have playing in the car or maybe just to yourself. Which is usually more entertaining as you have unique versions of a number of songs. Brother John for example. You favour the French version over the English (actually, I’m not sure if you know that there is an English one…) and sonnez les matines has morphed into summer ley de demon, which I just think is funny.

Alles Liebe,


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