Month Seventy-Four


Dear Husband,

So now we are in our second month at our new house. We are therefore still in the midst of settling in and unpacking. Or rather, you are in the midst of settling into town and I am unpacking. I still don’t think you have even touched a box. Which does kind of give me the irrits. I mean, sure, there are some areas of the house that are considerably more my domain. For these, it makes sense that I would unpack the boxes and find homes for things but the kitchen is not my domain, its yours. You were supposed to be the one who decided where everything went. But you haven’t unpacked any of the boxes. You walk past them all the time and walk past me bending over and huffing and puffing and then taking a rest because I am just done but you haven’t weighed in on the unpacking at all.

You have been gallivanting all over town though and hanging out with new friends. Which is great. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t begrudge you your new acquaintances. I know that you will need a social circle as a stay-at-home dad and it works well for you and Genevieve to be out of the house while I am working but I don’t want you to forget me completely. I don’t want to be the kind of wife that always keeps tabs on you or makes you feel that you need permission for everything you do. I want you to be able to go out and have fun even when I am unable to join you but there was one night this month where I ended up thinking a little consideration would be nice.

You and Genevieve had been out at a playgroup in the day. All good. You then went out to the pub afterwards to have a chat and let the kids play a little longer. I totally don’t have a problem with that. You then went over to one of the mums’ places for more of a chat and so the kids could watch a dvd. I even don’t have a problem with this. I don’t have insecurities about you hanging out with other women and trust you implicitly but once it got past 7pm and I hadn’t heard from you, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t paranoid that you were face down in a ditch, I figured that you had let time run away with you but I hadn’t really seen my daughter all day and I was hungry. When you are the one who cooks the family meals and you don’t get back to your pregnant and hormonal wife until 8pm when she finished work at 5pm, she will not be a happy camper…I was really hungry!

So are our animals by the way. I have to remind you to feed them as you seem to be trying to wean them off food. Just as a heads up, I don’t think that this is going to work. We were told by the previous owners that they fed the livestock every alternate day in winter but it just doesn’t seem to be something that is on your radar. I know its an adjustment. At least I have been trying to remind you in the daytime that they could use some hay (not that you are ever that enthusiastic to address the issue), I keep remembering at the last minute that we have to bring the chickens in every night so one of us ends up having to do it in the dark. We would prefer not to lose a chicken to a fox right after taking over here. We had a bit of a scare one night this month when we thought we had lost one. It was late when I went to shut them up and I swear I looked everywhere in their yard but I could only find three. The sneaky one was there strutting about the yard the next morning though. And then we did actually lose a chicken but she died inside the coop (hopefully from old age) so we didn’t feel as guilty about that one.

In addition to looking after the animals though, we also now have to look after the garden. Or at least some of the garden. There is A LOT of garden here. Which is great, it looks wonderful. But unless we are careful, I have a feeling it will completely run away from us. In a figurative sense at least. It could turn into a veritable jungle if we let it. We will never have the time or inclination to turn it into a manicured garden but it will still require a lot of maintenance to be presentable and I am really not in a state to take care of that. Anything that requires any degree of bending over is out at the moment. You are more able to put some hard labour into the yard however you keep on coming up with more things for us to buy so you can do this. We apparently need a whippersnapper and some hedge trimmers and a chainsaw wouldn’t go astray and maybe some non-powered tools as well…which is all very well but I’m not sure where you are going to get the money for these things. Especially as there are other things that we still need rather than just want.

You have been putting your negotiation skills to good use this month as you have tried to get us a good deal on the internet. You have been putting your skills to good use as you try to get us internet full stop. Apparently there are a few issues with our address. We have one but no one official seems to be able to find us. I’m almost surprised we get mail. Google maps can only find our block of land on another street. Telstra it seems have been unable to locate us on an exchange. Even though the residents before us had a phone number here. It seems the hardware that helps to identify this particular residence was stripped from the junction box at the same time as the previous residents moved their number. It took you quite a number of calls to figure that out. On the upside though, you got us a fair bit of free internet to get us by in the meantime.

The other spanner in the works this month was your back. Things were going great (you know, apart from you not helping me to unpack) and now your back has been playing up again and you have needed to go to the chiro. And you have terrible sciatica! I’m not sure what you did to throw it all out of whack but it has required drugs and rest which is thankfully possible because you are not required to be at a 9 to 5 job but somewhat inconvenient when you want to do it at times when I am working. It means I get a lot more visits to my office from someone who wants to help or just wants some attention. Which means she wants to touch everything and sit on my lap. Even though there isn’t enough room there anymore because I’m pregnant! Hopefully things improve soon.

Back strengtheningly yours,
Your Loving Wife


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