Day 140 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

So last week we had the Morphology and this week, we were back at the OB. For a scheduled visit. She wanted to make sure I understood everything I was told about the low-lying placenta and to make sure everything still looked ok with you. And everything is fine.

She wanted to assure me that in most cases, the placenta moves and any concern becomes over a non-event. Obviously it would not be ideal to need surgery but I’m not hell-bent on a natural delivery so if there is another option that is safer, we’ll go with that. I’ve proved I can deliver a baby completely drug and intervention free which seems to be the obsession with some women so its not as if I am going to miss what others describe as a profound and moving experience.

Personally, I just found the experience bloody hard at the time and I had it comparatively easy but we are a ways off yet. I am only officially half way at this point and you haven’t reached “term” yet so we’re still waiting to get out of the danger period so to speak. You have reached personhood though. I’m told at halfway you are officially a person living inside of me and not just a foetus. Go you.

The only other development this week is that I am once again sick. I am sincerely hoping that this is not the start of another month long bout of illness that I can’t seem to shake no matter how hard I try. I am crossing my fingers for less than a week of forging through symptoms as my body puts itself back to rights and I no longer feel like I want to unleash severe crankiness on the world. I got very annoyed at your sister the other day when she wouldn’t nap! So here’s hoping that next week is considerably less stressful and snotty.

Much love,


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