Week 144


Dear Genevieve,

This was a big month for us. This month, we moved house. We moved about 300kms from a small cramped 3 bedroom place to a much larger home complete with paddocks, farm animals and yard. More yard than you can poke a stick at. Not that you’ve had much of an opportunity because its still reasonably cold outside and we’re still setting the house to rights after our life was packed away in boxes. Or rather I am still putting our house to rights, unpacking those boxes but that’s another story.

You have just been picked up and taken along for the ride this month and you seem to have handled it really well. Saying goodbye to Kindy was not a big deal for you. You just gave your teachers a hug like normal and walked right out the door. I was the one that was emotional but I blame pregnancy. That’s my story. You also didn’t seem all that phased when you got home and the entire house was in boxes, it was like “that’s weird” and then you watched tv with us. You mostly stayed out of trouble while we were packing up the cars and truck and van with all our worldly possessions and it was only at the end when you are a little tired and hungry that you got a bit snotty with us. You were fine on the drive down to Canberra though with just me in the car.


Because your dad stayed behind to make sure everything went from the house and it was clean so we would not have to return, you and I drove down to Canberra to spend the night at Gigi and Grumps’. I did have the Bluetooth stereo with me but I didn’t start it up before we actually set off and then I was driving so I didn’t have my hands free. You filled the void admirably however and sang to yourself 2/3 of the way down. It was very entertaining. Also for the fact that you sang songs I know we’ve not sung for you. I mean, we play a lot of Play School in the car so there are a number of stock standard songs that you have in your repertoire but to amuse yourself on the way down, one of the things you came out with was your own version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Which didn’t so much include the wim-o-weh but had a lot of in the jungle, the lion jungle. It was very cute and quite tuneful too.

So the moving out day was a long day and the moving in day wasn’t much better. We had anticipated that you would have a half day play with Gigi while we got the big truck unpacked but this turned into a full day and I couldn’t pick you up until after 5pm at which time we had a 50 minute drive back to town so we could descend on, oddly enough, our former neighbours, Neighbourette and her family who were preparing dinner for us on our first night. Having friends to play with was normal for you so you were quite at home in the different surroundings but then we tried to take you home. You were NOT HAPPY! You were devastated to be parted from your best friend and you did not want a bar of the new house. You were almost hysterical when we tried to get you out of the car at the new house. You were over-tired overwrought and just plain over it. We could kind of sympathise except for the fact that we really wanted to go to sleep in our bed by that point and we kinda needed you to be asleep first.


But life seemed to settle down with no major issues. Everything just went on as it had done before. You didn’t seem to miss our old life at all and were revelling in the fact that you now had mum and dad at home all the time and you still go to do fun things like playgroups. You’re still not a big crown person and you’re not really at home with lots of people you don’t know but you are also happy to take your time to get to know others or to play quietly by yourself. Its funny to watch you sometimes as your play gets more and more detailed. You like to pretend to be on the phone a lot and you have a little monologue that you go through each time; Hello. How are you? Good. I’m well. Bye. Your language skills are also increasing as I have noticed the transition from where is you to where are you when you try to find me in the house.

On the not so plus side, we have noticed that increasingly you seem to listen to us but really pay no attention. If we ask you to repeat something right after we have said it, you have no idea. You can’t concentrate on anything for too long or follow an instruction for more than 10 seconds which can get very irritating. I’m not sure if you’re just one of those daydreaming kids who has a whole world in her head with which I’m struggling to compete or whether you switch off because something is too difficult. Do we expect too much of you? Are you just being a 2-year-old? You seem so smart and grown up sometimes. The ideas you express can be complex but maybe we take for granted that you understand everything we say? We have started asking you to apologise for doing something (as opposed to you just saying the word “sorry”).


We want you to both understand and recognise what goes on around you in your world. We also want you to respect others and grow up with both manners and common courtesy. However, we have noticed that you have a real issue looking people in the eye when they talk to you. I don’t know whether you get this from me as I frequently will flick my eyes away and then come back rather than solely maintaining focus on someone during a discussion without a break. It’s a habit we don’t really want you to get into permanently though so your father is frequently admonishing you to look at me! Unfortunately the first thing that always pops into my head then is Kath and Kim (before your time really) saying look at moy in a completely bogan accent. Oh well. Hopefully you can kick the habit and/or we can figure out why you do it – do you have 20/20 vision??

Alles Liebe,


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