Day 126 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

Once again, nothing much to actually report. You are apparently the size of a capsicum now or a can of cola according to a different site. Cause those things are totally the same size. You have blood vessels that are visible through your skin. You can yawn. Me too just so as you know. And your nervous system is maturing rapidly and are covered with something called myelin. Don’t say I never taught you nothing.

As for me, well it seems that I should no longer be lying on my back and should be lying on my side or at least partly on my side. You know, so I don’t compress a major vein decreasing blood return to my heart. Because that would be bad. Not sure I’m going to remember that one. Which in the scheme of things probably isn’t catastrophic because I am not a chronic back-lier (or whatever you would call it). I am pretty comfortable curling up on my side nine times out of ten. So until the discomfort level is enough to tell me that it’s a bad idea, all I can do it but try.

Or as Yoda would say, do or do not, there is no try…hmm…all the things you have to look forward to…Star Wars is one of them, so you’d better appreciate it. At least the ones that are older or about as old as I am. They’re classic. So no whinging that they’re ancient or anything. I’m just saying.

Much love,


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