Day 119 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

We met with the new OB this week. And I just have to say that she is so unlike my previous OB so as to be chalk and cheese. Not that this makes a difference to you but I’m just saying. She concurs that you are a boy as well. So its really looking less and less likely that the ultrasound images of you are open to interpretation.

So fingers crossed, you will be brought into the world by a very nice lady doctor who already thinks your beautiful and that I do very well on questionnaires relating to family history. Fortunately for you I guess, I’m very boring. There is no history of anything. There are no allergies, illnesses, diseases, conditions or concerns for anything out of the ordinary. I am super ordinary. One of the few things I am super at probably but right now I’ll take it.

And theres nothing else to report really. I can obviously see that my body is making room for you but I am not really feeling much yet. Apparently your head is up the top to the right and your feet are down the bottom so that could be why I haven’t noticed much yet. I’m sure you’ll start playing footsie with me soon. Everything else is just going along as it should be I assume as I have yet to be told otherwise. Or unduly concerned by something I am not sure I should be feeling or seeing.

Therefore I guess, keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep trying to take care of things on my end. Although that probably means lay off trying to move heavy boxes…

Much love,


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