Day 112 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

I have nothing interesting to impart this week. I’m still pregnant, that hasn’t changed. You are apparently the size of an avocado. Your eyes are working so the websites tell me even though your eyes are still sealed and you can apparently hear my voice too. So I guess that means you’re getting talking and play school songs. That seems to be the main thing we listen to at the moment when we are going something in the car with your sister.

Your skin is transparent I understand and you don’t have any baby fat yet. Don’t worry though. I’m sure I’ve got loads. Or at least it feels that way sometimes. Now that the reflux has gone away and I am no longer eating all the time to keep it at bay, not to mention the fact that I no longer have the immediate access to $2 chips for lunch at Coles, I am probably not gaining at the moment. There is still padding though. But if you read some websites, one should “embrace your body’s new shape and think of every pound you put on as a sign of good health for you and your baby”. Ok. Lets go with that.

Much love,


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