Day 105 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

You make it very hard to unpack boxes. Firstly there is the moving around of heavy boxes. Which I’m probably not really supposed to be doing. But its sometimes necessary and I’m right there and your father is, well, not. So I shift boxes. I do try not to lift them if they are too heavy but I still push them around which may not be the smartest move either.

And then there is the bending down and straightening back up thing. Repeatedly. The top of the tea chest boxes aren’t so bad but once you get through the top third, I am down and up and down and up and feeling very much like I need to take a breather to recoup. I have better days than others and overall the afternoons are better for me but it was a bit disheartening the other morning when I woke up and got though half a box before needing to go and lie down because I felt light-headed. Firstly, I felt rather pathetic. Secondly, your father looked like he was torn between being concerned that I was ok and peeved that I was going to be useless for at least a little while and thirdly, I felt that at this rate I would still be unpacking boxes by the time I was 40! Which I know is a total exaggeration but still, I’d love to power through those boxes and I just can’t.

At least the reflux thing is starting to calm down a bit. Which is also convenient because the Mylanta was not one of the things that made it to the house on the first night and was living in Gigi’s fridge for a little bit.

Much love,


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