Day 98 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

That whole reflux thing which is not actually killing me but is fast becoming the bane of my existence? I have had to seek intervention. As in I had to bite the bullet and get some Mylanta (or rather your father did because he was sick of me complaining – same thing really, I had to take it). It is so not getting any better right now and its really inconvenient.

But apart from that, everything is peachy. Or rather going along as it should be I suppose. My Ob in Sydney is happy. He also concurs that you are in fact, a boy. Everything is looking as it should and there is nothing more to say. We just move forwards and make plans for the next visit which will actually be with a new OB. Since we are moving, I need to find a new hospital and a new doctor to finish this little adventure with early next year. I must admit that I am a little sad that its really not convenient to have you at the same hospital and with the same doctor as delivered your sister but I am definitely not travelling 300ks whenever I need to have a checkup. That’s a little bit too far I think. I’m going to compromise with about 60ks. Much more reasonable.

Much love,


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