Week 139


Dear Genevieve,

You know what? I didn’t really write any notes for this month. Normally I jot memos down to jog my memory about your developments or little stories or just things that have gone on over the month but not this month. Your dad and I have been a little distracted though. We are expecting a baby brother for you apparently and he is making himself a little more known. To me at least. Although you have been aware of brothers and sisters born to some of your friends, I don’t think there will be much impact on you until he gets here. We’re starting to get you used to the idea though.


So there’s that and the fact that we are in the process of moving house. Which also really doesn’t mean much to you at the moment other than the fact that your parents are stressed and snippy with each other. And occasionally you. Especially when you answer with I’m just…

This was the only note I wrote for myself this month. This is what you have started saying whenever we ask you to do something. Pick up your toys please. I’m just cooking in my kitchen. Please get in your high chair for dinner. I’m just calling Bepi. Go find your shoes because we have to leave. I’m just putting baby to bed. I’m just, I’m just, I’m just…You’re just making excuses and I’m just getting ready to put you straight to bed.


I’m pretty sure I know where you got this annoying new habit. And you might think that this would make me a little more understanding but it really doesn’t. Its terribly frustrating. You definitely like to move at your own pace little girl. You like to control your environment and how you are behaving in it and woe betides the person that tries to make you do something. Its not as if you are incapable though. If you are hungry, you will wolf your way through a meal. You will shovel a bowl full of weetbix into your mouth and ask for more. You will race to put shoes on so you can join someone outside and have an adventure. You are more than happy to get naked for a bath. At times.


Whenever we try to hurry you along on a given task because you are taking your own sweet time, well that’s not cricket. You don’t do the obstinate toddler thing though and shout NO at us as loud as possible with your hands on your hips. You studiously avoid all eye contact and tell us “I’m just” doing something that is obviously more important than whatever it is that we want you to do. And what would I know really? I’m just your mother!

Alles Liebe,


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