Month Seventy-Two


Dear Husband,

I’m really tired. I’m pregnant and I’m moody and with everything going on, I never got to sit down and write about July in July. So yet again I am cheating by writing this after July and backdating it. Which also means that I am so far removed that I can’t really remember most of July. There were thirty-one days in it but I’m really not sure right now what we did on most of them. One thing I do remember however, and which I am sure I will remember for a while, is the trip we had to an ultrasound. The ultrasound that I had been anxiously awaiting because this was the point last time at which a funky result got thrown up that scared the bejeezus out of us. Despite the fact that everything turned out fine and that whole situation was a bit of a non-event, it was a milestone in my head and something that had been on my mind for weeks.

So there we were, waiting to go for the nuchal at 13 weeks to see if everything was ok. The car was going in for a service that morning but it was to be ready in time for us to pick up and make our way up to Norwest. I turned up at the mechanics on time with Genevieve in tow and you walked up from work. The car took a little longer. I was starting to get anxious that we would make the appointment on time and you started getting antsy too. I think we were both trying not to get outwardly harried whilst inside going hurry, hurry, hurry. We called the ultrasound place and told them that we were going to be a little bit late and thankfully they were ok with that.

Finally, the car was ready and so we all piled in to take off for the appointment. We didn’t really get very far. A couple of hundred metres up the main road was all we managed. It was at this point that you wanted to slow the car down on the approach to the traffic light, the car didn’t want to slow down at all and I was really thankful that I wasn’t driving! The car just kept on accelerating. Understandably this was also something that had the capacity to freak the crap out of us. I can’t remember if you managed to slow the car down before turning it off or whether you just turned it off to stop it but fortunately neither the car or its passengers were any the worse for wear. Well maybe our hearts were beating a little fast at that point.

So you made a restrained call to the mechanics in your heightened emotional state to say help, there is something wrong with the car and not get here now, what the bloody hell did you do to our car. I know you think they are really decent blokes who would never have released the car if they thought there could be an issue and you didn’t want the scare for you sound like an attack to them. I think I just sounded desperate when I called the ultrasound place to see what the options were. I really didn’t want to put this appointment off. Therefore, the mechanics sent out a couple of guys, one to check out the vehicle and another to drive me to the appointment. The doctor at the ultrasound place took pity on me and offered to stay back late to accommodate us. You and Genevieve and her car seat got a lift to meet me at the appointment and after we were done, the mechanics drove up to meet us with our (fixed) car. It was an eventful day.

And the ultrasound was all clear which was a weight off my mind and slightly surprising as I think I was pretty sure we were going to have a girl. Its not confirmed of course because there is a pretty big margin of error at this stage and they can by no means make an accurate assessment as to the sex of an unborn child but apparently, we are having a boy. Congratulations dad!


Pregnantly yours,
Your Loving Wife


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