Day 91 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

They think you are a boy! I know. Shocked the hell out of me too. I mean it wasn’t out of the realms of possibility of course. But I still kinda thought timing-wise and given I had already had a girl etc that maybe you were another one. And you still might be. Its not definitive like it was with Genibean. But I had the Nuchal test and it was fine and the doctor thinks you are a boy…

So I’m really happy now. Not specifically about the sex thing. I will be happy regardless of whether you are a girl peanut or a boy peanut. I am just happy that the nuchal is over and that it went well. I didn’t know how worried I was about it until it was over. I knew of course that even if the results weren’t totally favourable, it didn’t mean something terrible. Your sister’s nuchal scared the pants off me and she was perfectly fine but I was still shoring myself up in case the same thing happened again. But it didn’t. 1:4000+ is a good number. Not I’m 18-years-old and I am so fit for child-bearing its not funny but I am…ahem…over 35. And that number was so much nicer to hear than 1:16.

It does mean that I have to wait for longer before I can find out your sex. I mean, the doctor has obviously guessed now and its more likely that he has guessed correctly than not (not to mention that I am now getting comments like that explains the reflux!) but there is still a margin of error there. Which means I shouldn’t pass on the pink stuff just yet.

And yeah, that gas that keeps on making me feel uncomfortable, that has a name. I totally didn’t know it was reflux. I’ve never had it before really so haven’t had a need to describe the feeling. Its killing me now though. Not literally obviously. Its only really causing discomfort…and irritation. Its very annoying as well. Just thought you’d like to know.

Much love,


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