Day 84 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

Dude, you give me gas. Like all the time now. I’ve never had to burp so much. Mostly I’m trying to make myself burp to relieve some of the pressure as I have that uneasy feeling that sits just at the base of my sternum and is enough that I constantly know that its there. Its better when I am lying down but sadly, I cannot go through my day in bed. Work does not allow it. Neither does your sister. She seems to like my company up and entertaining her whenever she is awake and accessible.

So I continue about my business, stomach expanding gradually, wardrobe options feeling fewer and fewer and hoping for that second trimester that is an upturn in the feeling of general well-being and all round togetherness. Hopefully where I can also start to remember a few things. Your father seems to think I am getting more forgetful as the pregnancy progresses. I am not totally convinced that this is forgetfulness as opposed to a reduction in the general giving of a toss but regardless, when it appears that I have forgotten stuff, it is clearly my job to remember and not his to pick up the slack so I have to pull my socks up. Which involves bending over…and which will get a lot worse, I know, and hey, I can still easily see my toes at the moment but clearly, I am rambling. I should probably just stop that.

Much love,


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