Day 77 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

On the plus side, this week, the tiredness is lessening and leaving me with a bit more energy and get up and go. Of course, I am also feeling pathetically unfit as I can no longer trip up the stairs at the train station without huffing and puffing, but I am no longer falling off my perch as the sun goes down. Actually, it was never that bad but I do still function at 9pm now. Baby steps, right?

And baby increments to my tummy. As in I am frequently now TTT as my Nanna would say. After a full meal she would often pronounce herself to be TTT or tummy touching table. I feel like that most of the time though. I sit down at my desk at work and there you are or if I go out somewhere to eat (our house is a mess and to be honest, we haven’t seen the top of the dining table for months so we eat in front of the TV), I notice there is little to no gap between you and whatever table I have tried to pull myself up to.

You are by no means huge yet of course. And I’m not opening doors into you or bumping you against surfaces because I have apparently forgotten I am in fact larger front to back than I am side to side. I’m sure we’ll get to that though. Sorry in advance.

Much love,


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