Day 70 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

This week I have been meh. Just meh. Not good, not bad, not 100% on top of my game either. Although I’m not sure that that is going to happen to me again for about the next 18 years. Anyway, the hunger thing is better this week. I still get quite hungry but it is a more gradual thing and I can also work through it which is handy because I can get caught up with stuff at work and lunch can start from anywhere between noon and about two in the afternoon. I can also not stop for morning tea before lunch which exacerbates the issue but is no longer the end of the world as we know it until I eat something.

I kind of wish I was one of those women who are always glowing and who just love the whole pregnancy experience but I’m really not. I know that so many women do it a hundred times tougher than I do but right now, I am not basking in the glory of creating a new life. Right now, I’m just meh. Deal with it.

Much love,


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