Week 135


Dear Genevieve,

Your latest best favourite thing in the whole wide world is apparently Peppa Pig. You LOVE Peppa Pig. It is definitely the currency in our house at present. If you’re being naughty – you’ll get no Peppa Pig tonight. If you’re going to slowly – if you finish that quickly then we might be able to let you watch a Peppa Pig. If you don’t like something and you’re being stroppy – I’m sure Peppa Pig wouldn’t be like that.

Well, to be perfectly honest, Peppa probably would act all bossy and stroppy and cheeky but we’re parents. Sometimes we will use whatever means necessary to manipulate you into doing exactly what we want. You know, right now, so we can pay for it later once we’ve taught you that lifestyle can be totally bargained to your advantage…


Anyway, you are quite the little madam when it comes to your rights and Peppa. Let no man stand in your way! As you are aware that this is a bargaining tool between us, you frequently make sure that you don’t start on the back foot by announcing up front that “I get one Peppa. Yes?”. When you get home in the afternoon or wake up after a nap or really, just whenever you feel like it, you like to get it out of the way that you are of course entitled to watch one episode of Peppa Pig. Which would not seem terribly unreasonable to a number of parents. The show is after all only about 5 minutes in length. The problem is that you know what one is but don’t see why there could possibly be a problem with one more and one more and one more and one more. When we do decide that enough is enough, either after one or after one plus one etc, we usually get a meltdown on our hands.

Although your father and I have slightly differing opinions on what is reasonable and unreasonable as far as giving in to your demands. We had to leave a birthday party this month and you were none too pleased at being dragged away from your friend. After we had been trying to get away for a little while, your dad negotiated with you that you could all watch one Peppa Pig together and then you had to come with us to go home. You agreed to this, you all watched Peppa and then we left. I was slightly frustrated that we just gave it and let you watch an episode of Peppa to placate you. Your dad felt that we had put you in control of the situation and allowed you to feel compensated. And to be fair, you did leave with us willingly. Even if you were in tears.


You’re not so good at being sad and tired. However, you do seem to have quite a radar for those around you. You pick up cues, especially with music on tv and note if the (real or pretend) people around you are sad. We will often be watching something of an evening and you will suddenly pipe up he’s sad with a very knowing nod of your head. You will say the same thing when you’re not even watching the tv, you are just listening to the speech and then the mood music. Its interesting to watch and to know that you are still clued in to the world around you even when we might think that you are paying no attention. Or maybe we are just more desensitised to everything that you are right now. I hope you keep that awareness though. It’s a good thing to have.

What is not so good is splitting your head open on a car tow hitch in an auto showroom. You and your dad went out to do something and ended up looking at a car after which you ended up at the doctors surgery getting your head glued together. It was deemed more potentially traumatising to try and give you stitches so they just glued the wound shut and told us you were not to get it for a while. It gave you quite a headache for a while and it became known as your “ouch”. Poor girl. You do get in the wars sometimes…


We will always try to be there to comfort you though. So you have us…and you have baby…You have never been a security blanket kind of kid. You never took to the dummy, never sucked you thumb, never needed the presence of something to sleep at night or to function in the day. Sometime when I wasn’t looking though, you did grow more attached to baby. The small doll we bought you for $1 at a market to amuse you since we didn’t have anything better with us. The toy that has been put through a centrifugal force spinner which caused her head to concave in on itself (we never let you see that thankfully) after you dropped her in a pool which stopped her eyes from closing properly. The “baby” that has been naked almost since we got her because apparently you are more into undressing dolls than dressing them. The loved companion that is now taken in the car with you to Kindy and played with at home and placed with you in bed each night. You don’t go into conniptions if we’re not sure where she is but you do like her there.

And then there is Frozen. And Let it go. The latest Disney movie and hit song to take pop culture by storm. You know all about Elsa and Anna. You notice them in toy store windows, in catalogues and on merchandise we see on the street. You announce “its Frozen” at the top of your lungs whenever you see something to make sure that we don’t miss it and I’m sure you’d be decked out in head to toe Frozen gear if I would buy any of it for you, which I won’t. You also like to sing the song whever you happen to think about it. Of course, the only words that you can actually remember are “Let it go” so this means you will just wander about the house going let it go, let it go let it go, let it go…Its hilarious, you don’t always have the attention span for a half hour show but by God, you can sit through all of Frozen. Which we’re not allowed to turn off until your favourite song has finished playing in the credits! You crack me up little one. When you’re not annoying me by singing let it go, let it go let it go, let it go…You know what your dad probably wants to say to that? Let it go Genevieve!

Alles Liebe,


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