Day 63 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

In case you were wondering, I’m still sick. Your dad is very irritated with me because my coughing is keeping him awake at nights and making him even more stressed than he currently is. Sometimes I feel like he’s a little highly strung. The same has been said of me at times though. Probably by your father because I think the other side of my pregnancy hormones are not always being that nice to him. On one side of things, I completely surrender my body to whatever happens because I’ve been here before and I know I have absolutely no control over it. Winging it and whatever are what goes. Anything else that I might think I can control though? Apparently I’m a trifle more witchy and moody than I was before I got pregnant. And that whole brain-mouth filter that usually operates is slowly disintegrating and / or otherwise disappearing so I might be coming off a little more…let’s just say not very nice.

But in other news, I totally pooched! My belly button has popped out some time when I wasn’t looking and I’ve had to go hunting my maternity pants out because they are way more comfortable than the rest of my pants right now. Which is partly due to the fact that this is the second time around I have been this pregnant and I’m still eating like a horse. Should really watch that or there will be so much more to lose at the other end…

Much love,


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