Month Seventy-One


Dear Husband,

We’re having another baby! Which you totally knew because apart from the fact that I told you already, you have been on the receiving end of a moody and hormonal pregnant lady. Sorry, I am sure that has not really been fun. A bottled up blend of sass and sarcasm with somewhat more of a hair trigger and somewhat less of a brain to mouth filter. Who spent the first couple of weeks being exhausted. I understand it has made me a little…difficult.

It hasn’t really helped the stress levels in the house as you try to negotiate our way through buying and selling our primary residence pretty much by yourself. That’s the other big thing this month. We’re buying a new house! I have sort of been checking out of the process a bit though because at first this month, I was consumed with whether I would get a new job and if so, what would that mean. When I realised I was pregnant, if I was going to be offer the job, should I tell them and give them an out or should I withhold something they couldn’t discriminate against me for and potentially leave myself open for resentment and awkwardness when they found out I’d be out the door in 6 months. At least for a while. I was very torn up about it. Which turned out to be a moot point when I was pipped at the post anyway. And then we were pregnant and we were moving and how was that going to work?

In the end, my work have agreed to let me telecommute my role on a trial basis which theoretically will take me up to maternity leave and then…well, I guess we come to that leap of faith I wasn’t sure I was ready to make last month. We could both be unemployed. Of course, its not quite as dire as it could be. I’ll be on minimum wage with government maternity leave payments coming in and since I’ll be at home, you would hopefully be able to pick something up if required until I returned to the workforce. There is also a back-up plan of using the money that my parents have gifted us. Which is slightly more appealing because to be honest, I’d prefer it if you didn’t have to work. It would be really nice to have the extra pair of hands and company around since there would be 2 little people. The house would be big enough that we wouldn’t be on top of each other so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to strangle you after a prolonged period together. But we’ll have to wait and see. About the jobs thing. I’m not just waiting to see if I feel like strangling you. I promise.

A couple of things I am sure of though, are that this is the right decision for us at this point in time and you are going to be a great stay-at-home-dad. We did think long and hard about whether this would be the right thing for both Genevieve and Peanut. Taking one out of daycare that she loves and consciously not providing the option for the other. We wanted to make sure this was the right decision for all of us not just some of us and that no one was being expected to compromise unduly for the privilege. I don’t think that is the case.

You of course are slowly getting stressed off your nut and appear to be getting nervous at the prospect of moving to the country but I figure the house and land are well big enough to keep you busy if you need and there are cafes in town. That is cafes, plural. At least one of them is one that you really liked as well. We picked a place to move that has 5000 people as opposed to 400, there is a hospital and shops and services and it also happens to be 15 minutes’ drive from the acreage that Neighbourette and her family have settled on as a permanent home address.

So its been a pretty big month for us. It has been eventful, stressful, draining and filled with angst, deliberation and maybe not enough consideration. For each other. But we’ll get through this and hopefully on the other side our lives will be a whole lot less fraught. At least that’s the plan.

Soon to be countrily yours,
Your Loving Wife


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