Day 49 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

You are slowly making yourself more known. Or, you know, more obviously making me not like I was a month or so ago. Like when I am hungry. Right now.

I will be happily trundling along, going about my day when, WHAM!, I am starving. I am so hungry, I can’t think straight. I have to eat. This minute. I need snacks. Close. I seem to remember around this time with Genibean I wasn’t eating all that much. I had started to feel slightly nauseous and if anything, I was occasionally having vegemite on toast because the salt made it better. And vegemite on toast is awesome. But this time around its different. Doesn’t matter what I’m eating, I just need FOOD.

And then there are the cramps. They are just a wonderful sensation as well. Apparently this is just the uterus expanding to accommodate you and it is a sensation that gets worse with subsequent pregnancies. Despite the fact that y body now knows what it is doing because its had to do it before. Great. Oh and I’m sick too. Not throwing up, morning (or evening) sick. Sick as in you completely shot my immune system to hell and I can’t fight this damn cold because I’m not allowed to mainline drugs sick. Its very annoying. What probably should have been a couple of off days has blown out to a week. Grrr. Doesn’t help either that I am still SO TIRED.

Oh well, nothing much should have changed for you so I hope you’re still having fun.

Much love,


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