Day 35 (AC)

Dear Peanut,

Pretty sure you are an actual “Peanut”. That is, you’d be nowhere near the size of a real peanut but more that you are actually there. As in The Peanut. Of course, I don’t categorically know yet. I could be like all those women who start attributing random physical symptoms to a suspected pregnancy when none actually exists purely because it could be technically possible.

I had the crazy thing that I was sitting down one minute and I got up to go to the kitchen the next and my knee hurt like the blazes. I didn’t bump it, knock it, feel any twinge as I got up or realise I had in any way twisted it but all of a sudden I was limping everywhere. It must be random pregnancy hormones making everything loosen up and behave weird…

I have had the driest lips ever this past week. I mean really dry, cracking and everything. Needing to apply lip balm several times a day dry and I never get dry lips. Even in the middle of winter. Must just be a pregnancy thing…

I have been warned by well-meaning and concerned friends previously that just because I fell pregnant immediately the last two times, that doesn’t mean it will happen that way again. I am older now, the body changes, you never know what the next time may or may not be like. Which is all very true of course. However, one could also be forgiven for making the assumption that I have no reason not to assume my body will behave exactly the way it has on more than one occasion previously.

I therefore now assume that I am pregnant and you are The Peanut. I’m just saying.

Btw, I’ll just preface this starting at Week 5 (pregnancy) or Day 35 as it were (after conception) thing right now by saying you will always be the 2nd born. All the photos and letters that exist of your sister, don’t hold me to that. I’ll try, I will. I want to be fair and I want for you to have the same things she did/does but I can promise you that I am totally going to run out of time at some points. I’m human and I’m sorry. And maybe you’ll grow up a fighter because you have to push that much harder for some things.

On the other hand, Genibean has totally worn us down on a couple of points so you’re going to breeze right through a number of her hurdles. Just so as you know.

Much love,



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