Week 130


Dear Genevieve,

It appears you have graduated from Vegie Tales in the car and no longer wish to hear the “clapping song” ad nauseum. No, instead you want Play School. Preferably on your dad’s phone because he somehow managed to scam Spotify with no ad breaks. You have some favourites such as the princess story but in general, as long as we’ve got Play School on the stereo, we’re good. As I understand it, you and your dad frequently sing out loud to the songs that your father and I actually grew up with on your way to and from Kindy. And I must admit that I am totally cool with this. It would be nice if we could have a little more variety with a little less whinging but at least I’m not listening to High-5 or Brittney Spears or a completely bastardised version of an otherwise decent song.


Otherwise this month you have been your chatterbox and cheeky self. Pushing the boundaries here and there to see what you can get away with. Unfortunately passing on breakfast is not one of those things. I must admit, I did meet you halfway one day. You LOVE watching tv but you eat slower than an arthritic sloth when you are staring at the idiot box so we have had to stop letting you watch on the Kindy mornings as you eat breakfast. On one morning however, instead of making you sit down to cereal, I told you that I would be satisfied if you ate at least half a banana and I showed you the point that I wanted you to reach. You then took the banana and bit into it, right in the middle where I had pointed and went to give it back to me. As far as you were concerned, duty done! Little toad. Sorry kid, no dice. I meant eat half a banana not make a little mouse nibble at half of the banana.


But its not always me that tells you to do things, sometimes you tell us too. Your latest concern is loud noises so its not uncommon for us to hear keep your ears safe! Not quite sure why you put that language together to ask us to block our ears but it does make perfect sense. Even if its occasionally a little over the top as its shouted at us at a higher decibel level than that from which we are supposed to be protecting ourselves.


What else? What else? Oh yeah, the fact that you love to chat to us and keep the conversation going by asking us what else?! There always has to be something. Whenever we have a short answer for you, you seem convinced that we are holding out. We’re parents right? We withhold information on a daily basis so there must be something else. There always is. Or maybe you ask what we doing? You constantly want to know what’s going on around you. I actually suspect that this is not completely about what is happening in your vicinity and partly about controlling the conversation. I just wish you’d pay a little more attention to the answers.

And then you have this delightful turn of phrase that you have obviously mimicked from us whenever you suggest something. How ow bout…we do dis?? How ow bout…its like a placeholder that says you’re about to impart something important, we just need to let you formulate the rest of your idea for a moment. It makes you sound very grown up and completely reasonable which of course, you are not. You are sometimes the opposite! But we still wouldn’t trade you for anything. Especially when you dance around like a fairy in bumblebee gumboots, a dance leotard, a leaf skirt and some wings!


Alles Liebe,


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