Month Sixty-Nine


Dear Husband,

I think I shocked the hell out of you this month. You certainly weren’t expecting one of the reactions that you got. It has long been a bone of contention between us I guess that we weren’t quite able to agree on a five year plan. Not that we have ever actually discussed creating a five year plan but whenever the topic came around of what we wanted to do or where we expected to be in a couple of years’ time, there was no definitive answer.

Do we want another child? Well yes, eventually. When? Not sure, let’s see how things go. Do we want to move? Possibly. Where? Not sure. There is the kindy to consider as Genevieve is happy there and my OB to consider because I liked him the first time around and if it’s in my power not to change something that works, I probably won’t. Oh and we have to afford to live so jobs are an issue too. Should we renovate? Would it me a major extension or a minor one? Can we really afford either? Let’s see how things go. In lieu of making any decisions whatsoever, we were (or at least I was) in a holding pattern that said let’s see how things go.

We had perhaps moved a step forward in that I am no longer anchored by my job. I don’t think there will be much love lost on either side if I left. Which is probably why when you presented me with what you thought was a bit of a harebrained scheme, I said sure, I’ll check it out.

After years of not wanting to leave Sydney, you presented me with the possibility of buying a house in a town of around 40 people over 2 ½ hours away and I said I would be happy to go and inspect. It was almost a perfect house too. Four bedrooms, ensuite, walk-in robe, internal garage, two separate living areas, massive shed, flat garden, wood fire, walk-in pantry, nicely painted, the list goes on. It was also theoretically within cooee of our close friends and former neighbours who had just relocated to the area (although we knew they would move from their rental property eventually). It was commuting distance to Canberra and my family and we would be much better off financially. Assuming at least one of us had a decent job. We both liked it. A lot.

There were a few sticking points though. I wasn’t ready to take a complete leap of faith and hope that one of us could land a job soon after we had moved. I wasn’t even sure then bank would let us do it if there wasn’t some guarantee of employment at the other end. You were concerned about us moving to a largely rural community and I was concerned about the size of the town. I know how many times we carted Genevieve off to the hospital even if it was for nothing significant and ultimately life threatening. Goulburn would have been the closest option for this house and that was at least 20 minutes away.

We started the process though. I think we gradually moved from a position of what if and wouldn’t it be nice to a commitment of this is going to happen, we just need to work out the logistics. You definitely jumped in with both feel though. That first day we went to see the house and then catch up with Neighbourette and her clan, you excused yourself to go down the pub and ingratiate yourself with the locals. You met someone who may prospectively take on the management of the pub and if so, would potentially be in the position of offering employment. You also applied and interviewed for a job at Grandma’s Little Bakery, a business just up the road that was after a customer service manager of sorts.

As we had hoped that I would be the one who was working, neither of those were really ideal in the end. And perhaps there was something about that first house that we saw that wasn’t absolutely perfect. A reason that we ultimately weren’t prepared to sign on the dotted line. I have to say though that now that it’s a very real possibility that I am ready to move and you might get to be the stay-at-home-dad that you have always wanted to be, you are much happier than you have been in a while. I can see there is going to be a lot of road trips in our future…

Relocationally yours,
Your Loving Wife


Week 122


Dear Genevieve,

Can I just say, you have a memory like an elephant. The most insignificant offhand comment that we might make will often become the talking point for the next couple of weeks. Like the fact that Winnie The Pooh likes honey and your Granddad has some for you.


Now you don’t quite have the attention span to watch a whole movie. Continuous episodes of Timmy Time are all good and well but a whole movie is still a bit beyond you. Every now and then we put one on for you though and you watch for a short while but then you potter with some toys and look back at the tv only occasionally. Then we happened to let you watch Winnie The Pooh. You would still potter but you were so much more attached to this movie that you burst into tears on more than one occasion when the credits rolled around. You also took special note that Winnie The Pooh likes honey.

So one night (after you had remembered 5 hours after the fact that we said you could watch Winnie The Pooh when we got back home) we were speaking with Grandad on the phone. We prompted you to tell him all about watching the movie. You started to tell him that you saw a Winnie The Pooh movie and that Winnie The Pooh likes honey. Your Grandad then told you thathe liked honey too and that he had some very nice honey which you could have the next time you came to visit. Well that was it. For the next couple of weeks at random times we heard all about how Grandad has honey just for you. Yep. For Genevieve. Honey just for Genevieve. Grandad has it. Special honey…God help us if he doesn’t actually have honey when we see him next!

The thing that really gets me though is that Winnie The Pooh, the one who likes the honey, isn’t even your favourite character! You actually like watching it for Roo.


But all that aside, you do like chatting to us about this and that. And we have proper chats now too. Not everything is a reiteration or a confirmation of something we communicate to you. You have the ability to volunteer information without always being prompted as to vocabulary or content. You also have your own agenda sometimes. I must admit though, some of the stuff you come up with is pretty weird. You seemed very concerned for a while that I might eat your poo. You told me on more than one occasion “Don’t Eat My Poo!”. I can tell you now though sweetheart, I have never desired nor do I ever intend on eating your poo. Not even slightly. You’re safe. You are also cheeky.


In our bid to teach you manners, we like to insist on you saying please and thank you for things. It’s fairly common for most parents, and kids catch on quickly. At least to what the desired outcome happens to be. You, have taken to staring me in the eye when I ask for some manners or when I refuse to let go of something and saying (after a considered pause) “you’re waiting for please”. Yes. Yes, I am you little toad. You know full well that I am waiting for please and you think that is funny. The unfortunate part is that you are seriously cute when you try to get away with it so it is kinda funny and I have to try really hard not to smile.


What is not quite so hilarious is that you have discovered some body part names this month and latched right on. To using the names, not the actual body parts. Just to be clear. Remind me to show you Kindergarten Cop when you are older cause you remind me of that little boy who pipes up “boys have a penis and girls have a vagina”. That’s totally you. And you even know “mummy you got breasts!”. In fact, you are a regular little know-it-all. And after you affirm something with a yes or a yep (sometimes you are just affirming a statement that you have said to yourself), it like there is this silent, somewhat patronising rider of “yes, I know” after it. Like you are totally all over it. Parentals, you can be so slow on the uptake, I’ve completely got it covered, yeah?


You definitely have your little quirks. Like the fact that you won’t let us give any remaining food that was given to you to someone else. We often give you a little more for dinner than we think you might eat so you can take as much as you want. When there is left over food though, your father will often offer to finish it off and occasionally we take pity on the dog and let Reuben have it. You have taken to refusing us this option. No one is allowed to eat your leftovers! Just like you have taken to refusing to kiss your father when you get out of the shower to get changed for bed. It just developed into part of the routine but lately you say “no“, nearly run out of the bathroom, stop and say “I come back” and then you run back and give him a kiss. Cute, but weird.


You are definitely becoming my big girl though because for all of this month, you have been sleeping in a big girl bed. Or to be precise, an open toddler bed shaped like a fire truck. Your dad saw the bed online and assured me it was the coolest thing ever and you just had to have it. You were skeptical at first but took to it as soon as you saw it set up in your bedroom. You are eager to hop into bed at night and you have adjusted to no longer being zipped into GroBags. You haven’t quite got the hang of sheets yet because you always seem to wake up with no covers whatsoever but I’m sure you’ll get it eventually. Especially when it starts getting cold. But one of the best parts about your recent adjustment to a big girl bed has been that when you wake, you have been calling for us to come to you rather than coming in to find us. Good job. I’m sure that will eventually change but this transition has been good to us too which is nice.


Alles Liebe and yours sincerely,